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A Late Valentine

To my friends and readers, a valentine for you from the Queen Procrastinator (me)

And Thanks to Ms. Hamilton and Marvel for this awesome image from the Anita Blake comics.

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Writer’s Guild Strike & TV Shows

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  • It looks like the writer’s strike is over! Woo Hoo!!! I’m all for the writers getting everything they asked for because it’s much deserved, but speaking from a TV addict’s point of view, I sure hope that nothing like that happens again anytime soon. I watched new episodes of Smallville, Supernatural and Lost last night, and was it ever great to see. I’m not much of a reality TV fan myself, although the American Idol auditions are a guilty pleasure.  

    Some of my other favorite shows include but are not limited to: Prison Break, Terminator-The Sarah Conner Chronicles, CSI Miami, NCIS, The Unit, Bionic Woman, Painkiller Jane, Blood Ties, Moonlight, Stargate-Atlantis, Battle Star Gallactica, Smallville, Supernatural, Extreme Home Makeover, Brothers & Sisters, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, ER, Jericho, and when I’m not watching one of those, I’m usually on the Space channel or Spike tv watching one of the many incarnations of Star Trek, that is if, I’m not reading.

    On the subject of TV shows, what ever happened to a “TV season” lasting from fall to the spring??? Seriously! A new season of a show starts, they play 3 or 4 new episodes for consequtive weeks, and then it’s re-runs for a week or two, then another new episode, another re-run, etc. and then they have “winter finales”. WTF is that?? Call me ancient, but I remember when it was a new episode every week throughout the “season” and re-runs during the summer. Ah the good old days… I’m sure it’s a conspiracy to frustrate all of us into buying the shows on DVD, which I am also guilty of doing, even though it galls me to be suckered into it like that. If I like a show enough to watch it religiously every week, I’ll probably go and buy the DVD anyway just to have it and to see the one or two episodes I missed. And I don’t mean just this year because of the strike. This has been going on for a few years now, and there were no strikes during those seasons.  I could go on about this subject, but I believe I made my point. Let me know what you think.

    I’m currently reading:

    The Fury and Dark Reunion

    The Vampire Diaries: The Fury & Dark Reunion by L.J. Smith

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    Posted by Amber:

    I am glad the strike is over too! I just hope that it won’t take too long for them to have something put together to show us!!

    How was the Vampire Diaries? I have it on my Tbr pile but haven’t got around to it yet.

    Saturday, March 1st 2008 @ 8:05 AM

    Posted by Sidhe:

    I hope so too! Until some new episodes of my fave shows come out, I have the origionals of Addams Family season one and The Munsters season one on DVD to tide me over.
    I read and liked the first Vampire Diaries, and got about half way through the second book. I had a difficult time maintaining interest, so I put it aside for now. I’ll finish it later.
    Saturday, March 1st 2008 @ 1:34 PM


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