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Key To Conflict – Spotlight & Review

Key To Conflict by Talia Gryphon  Ace Fantasy June 2007

Format:Mass Market Paperbound

Published:May 29, 2007

Dimensions:336 Pages

Published By:Berkley Mass Market

The following ISBNs are associated with this title:
ISBN – 10:
ISBN – 13:9780441015030

(from back cover)

“Meet Gillian Key. She’s a paramortal psychologist who can treat the mental diseases of nonhumans. And she’s a Marine Special Forces operative who can get physical with them when the situation calls for it…

Gillian’s two worlds collide when she travels to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania to counsel the local master vampire, Count Aleksei Rachlav. His therapy serves as the perfect cover for her special ops mission: to infiltrate local vampire factions who may be allied with Rachlav’s enemy – the legendary Dracula.

As a brewing turf war between those who favor peaceful co-existance with humans and those who see them as food begins to rock the paranormal realm, Gillian finds herself caught in the middle – and at the mercy of her dangerously attractive host. Her professional ethics tell her to keep her distance, but besides being both a healer and a fighter, Gillian Key is also very much a woman…”

Talia Gryphon is a strong new voice on the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next in the series: Key To Conspiracy, due to be released April 29, 2008.

Gillian Key is a wonderful character, a gutsy, wise-cracking protagonist that I rooted for right off the get-go,  and I was sucked right into the story from page one! The Vampire brothers Aleksei and Tanis are all alpha and sexy as hell. Key To Conflict is an action/romance/danger packed debut that has me hooked and craving more.


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