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Marked By Moonlight – Spotlight & Review

Marked By Moonlight by Sharie Kohler  January 2008 by Pocket Books

Format:Mass Market Paperbound

Published:December 26, 2007

Dimensions:368 Pages

Published By:Simon & Schuster

The following ISBNs are associated with this title:
ISBN – 10:
ISBN – 13:9781416542278

(from back cover) ” She Doesn’t Know What Bit Her…

Seemingly overnight, Claire Morgan has transformed: the normally mousy school-teacher is now bold, and her behavior is truly wild. Her eyes gleam silver. Suddenly, she’s a self-confident femme fatale with a libido that just won’t quit. After an impulsive makeover, she’s even… dare she say it?… sexy. Is Claire going insane?

Then brutally handsome stranger Gideon March tells her she was bitten by a werewolf, and Claire figures he’s  the insane one. Sure, she was attacked by a nasty dog in a back alley, but this guy stalking her says he’s a member of an underground society of lycan hunters – and his mission is to terminate her immediately.

When Claire finally realizes she really is a lycan, there’s no turning back – because by now Claire and Gideon are bound by a hungry passion. If they can’t break the curse by the next full moon, Claire’s soul will be lost forever and Gideon will be forced to terminate his prey – a woman dangerously close to devouring him, heart and soul.”

Sharie Kohler’s Marked By Moonlight was a really fun read. Claire is a very realistic character put into a rare situation, and her reactions rang true for me. Gideon is all alpha male and sexy, sexy, mmmm – sexy! The romance is HOT, the action is non-stop, and I’m hooked.

I’m looking forward to the next novel in The Moon Chaser Series, Kiss Of A Dark Moon which is scheduled to be released in October 2008.

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