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April Fool’s Day

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Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy April Fools Day! No pranks from me today because the brain is running on slow-motion, lol. I did however recieve in the mail: Bewitched by Sandra Schwab and These Boots Were Made For Stomping – Anthology W/ Julie Kenner, Jade Lee & Marianne Mancusi.

April 1st Book Releases

Personal Demons – Stacia Kane                                              

Magic Burns – Ilona Andrews

Rogue – Rachel Vincent

Lady & The Vamp – Michelle Rowan

La Vida Vampire – Nancy Haddock

Small Favor – Jim Butcher

Embrace The Night – Karen Chance

Dead Is The New Black – Marlene Perez

Bad Blood – L.A. Banks

Hellbent & Heartfirst – Kassandra Simms

Heart Of The Wolf – Terry Spear

Drop Dead Gorgeous – Kimberly Raye

Bewitched – Sandra Schwab

Demon’s Fire – Emma Holly

Phantom Pleasures – Julie Leto

PS: To have a look at the list of 54 books I picked up in March, pop over to my LiveJournal. (Link’s on the sidebar)

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Posted by Amber:

You can win a copy of ‘La Vida Vampire’ over on my blog with some little extras from the author herself!

Amazon have got Personal Demons by Stacia Kane coming to me in MAY!!! Yeah people May!!!!

Oh and Rouge at the end of April if I am lucky.

Sometimes it sucks living in Europe! 😦

See my blog for more rants about hehe 🙂

Wednesday, April 2nd 2008 @ 9:26 AM

Posted by Judi:

I’m already entered to win! 🙂
That’s harsh, having to wait that long. I’ve had my issues with big booksellers taking too long to ship, but I won’t go there, lol.
Wednesday, April 2nd 2008 @ 1:38 PM



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