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As you can see from the post before this one, I’ve been accepted as a reviewer at Paranormal! I’m pretty darn excited about it too.  But don’t panic readers, I’m not going anywhere. I will still be posting my own reviews, interviews, contests and I have another surprise in the works for you. I really enjoy sharing my love of great books with you all, and appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to stop by for awhile.

It has been brought to my attention that some people are having problems with loading my blog.  I’m wondering if this is a common problem, or is it just the few. So can you please leave me a comment to tell me if you ever have problems with getting here, loading the pages, etc. If this is an ongoing issue, I’ll move the blog to another host. Please let me know. I can only try to fix issues if you all let me know about them, so don’t be shy. Thanks!

I’m excited for you all about the contest going on with JF Lewis, so scroll down & leave a comment to have a chance at winning!! Sending out big hugs to you all my fellow paranormal/urban fantasy peeps!

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