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Kelley Armstrong Signing

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 I went to the Kelley Armstrong signing today here in my city. She read from her upcoming YA novel, The Summoning, had a great Q & A session, and then signed everybody’s books, no matter how many we brought with us. I actually emailed her when I found out she was coming here and was encouraged to bring as many of her books with me to be signed as I would like. I’m impressed by that because I know she was at Indigo Books beforehand to sign all their in-store stock, and was going over to another Chapters store after-wards to sign all their stock! The turn-out for the reading, talk and signing was pretty good I’d say, so the poor woman must have cramps in her hand from all that signing! I, for one, am very appreciative. =) Here’s a couple pics from the signing.

My friends: Tevaul’s Lady, Spike, Amber-Lee, Kelley Armstrong and ME!

Kelley while reading from The Summoning.

And because all that was missing in your lives is a lovely close up of Kelley & myself as Zombudi. =D
(I’m on some meds that make me zombie+Judi = Zombudi)

I also picked up some great postcards & bookmarks of upcoming books and got me an Exit Strategy knapsack! Let’s hear it for swag at book signings.(Does a little Snoopy dance)


Of course, I could not be in a Chapters book store without buying some erm.. product, lol. I behaved myself though, really! I only bought Haunted – Kelley Armstrong (the only one I didn’t have already), Succubus In The City – Nina Harper, Shield Of The Sky – Susan Krinard, City Slab #12 – magazine, and Writer’s Digest Yearbook Presents – Writing Basics (magazine). See? I totally controlled myself. LOL. 

Posted by Rae Lindley:

How awesome! She sounds like a great lady and it looks like you had a blast! 😀

I don’t blame ya at all for not leaving empty-handed lol. The bookstore is a strong force indeed. 🙂

Friday, May 30th 2008 @ 4:36 PM

Posted by Sidhe:

Hi Rae!
Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

It was great to meet Kelley Armstrong, of whom I’ve been a long-time fan. I wish more of my favorite authors would come to my city for signings.

Yes, it’s pretty much impossible for me to go into a bookstore and come out empty-handed, lol.

Saturday, May 31st 2008 @ 5:50 PM
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