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Uthiel’s Embrace – Spotlight & Review

Uthiel’s Embrace by Rae Lori

E-Book  Novella


(From Website)

“After aiding a town from aggressive pillagers, Prince Nikolas of Lambert stumbles upon a
land of otherworldy creatures. Torn between his civic responsibility to the surrounding
townspeople and his parents’ political aspirations for the future court of Lambert, Nikolas
takes some time out for himself among the forest lands.But he is far from alone.  

The forest is literally alive with tree fairies, guardian gnomes, and elemental spirits of the
water called Undines. And one magical Undine, Uthiel, soon shows him that there is more
beauty and magic within the dark, violent world that he inhabits…more than he could ever
have imagined…”


This was a lovely story about a noble prince falling for an otherwordly woman and it was like a fairy tale for adults. If you enjoy a quick read with paranormal elements, some danger, romance, hard choices and a HEA, then this novella is for you! I loved the descriptions of the tree fairies, guardian gnomes and elemental spirits.

Rae Lori has a great selection of books she’s written, and they sound intriguing! See her Book List


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