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Ooohhh… Shiny Covers!

During my last week of wanderings’ through Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance cyber land, I happened upon these shiny new covers for up-coming books! I had to share the shiny…

 Dakota Cassidy, the extremely funny and snarky, (two of my favorite attributes), author of Accidentally Dead and The Accidental Werewolf has the cover for her next masterpiece! It’s  a stand-alone Demon based series and is titled Kiss & Hell, due to be released in June 2009.


Also coming soon, March 2009, is the third book in Dakota Cassidy’s Accidental Series, The Accidental Human. Here’s the blurb from Dakota’s Website:

Accidentally Dead

Nina always loved the nightlife.

It’s a lousy first day on the job for dental assistant Nina Blackman when a patient, loopy from the anesthesia, bites her. At least he was cute. But for real drama she can’t beat the next morning. Nina wakes up with a set of razor sharp fangs, bionic vision, super sonic hearing, and a taste for blood. There must be a good explanation. There is. It’s her patient, Greg Statleon.

She just never expected to be the nightlife.

A visit to his Long Island castle hardly results in a cure. Greg claims there isn’t one. Unfortunately, Nina isn’t wild about her lifestyle change ­or the danger that goes along with it. She’s determined to prove this infuriating vampire wrong. It’s a shame he’s so irresistible. It’s a bigger shame that he’s dead. On the other hand, they’re perfect for each other ­if Nina’s willing to commit to one man for eternity.”

 Terri Garey, the author of Dead Girls Are Easy and A Match Made In Hell, has the cover up for the third Nicki Styx novel, You’re The One That I Haunt. The release date is February 2009.

V.K. Forrest’s second book in the Clare Point series, Undying, will be out December 2008. I have my review of the first book, Eternal HERE.

 Tate Halloway’s next release, Dead If I Do, is due to be released May 2009. I finally got a copy of her last release, Romancing The Dead, which I’ve been wanting to get to because it sounds like Ms. Halloway’s writing is right up my alley! But here’s the new book’s shiny cover. J


And last but definitely not least, because this author has been rockin the socks off the paranormal romance readers collective you know whats, Nalini Singh has a new cover to whet our appetites for Angel’s Blood, due out March 2009. It’s the first book in the Guild Hunter series, and is about a vampire hunter who bags, tags and returns escapee vampires to their masters…the angels.

 And there you have my findings! I hope you enjoy and are looking forward to these books as much as I am. As always, happy reading to you!


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