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Sorrow – Spotlight & Review

Sorrow by John Lawson

Book Description:

“Return to Lawson’s world of Witch Ember with a new tale of darkness, intrigue, and violence. A tale of Sorrow.

 A new killer stalks the palaces of the EroBernd Empire, striking down prominent members of the gentry and clergy, seemingly at will. No amount of security is an impediment, no number of bodyguards a deterrent. This killer enters unseen and departs untouched, leaving behind scenes of butchery and blood. Duke Valven of EroBernd decides to send his chief assassin, Count Hashii, to the boutique province of Vestiga to resolve the matter before it can cause any further embarrassment. Locals have already contrived a name for this assassin, based on descriptions from victims who lived long enough to tell the tale: a wraith of shadow–a countenance of immeasurable remorse–and eyes that wept black tears.

It is a contest of assassins. One discreet and renowned, an artist tempered by years of service–the other a savage neophyte, ephemeral and unstoppable–both ruthless and deadly. Can the infamous Lord Ash stop the bloodshed and discover the identity of the assassin known as Sorrow?”

My Thoughts:

I was sent this book to review by the author, John Lawson. It’s the third book in the Witch Ember series, and though I hadn’t read the first two books, I had no trouble following along. For me, it took a bit to get into the story, but once I did, I really wanted to keep reading and find out what would happen. I would classify it as Fantasy mixed in with Mystery, with rich characters and world building.

The story has murder, courtly machinations and intrigue, assasins and several plot twists to keep you reading. John Lawson has crafted a fine tale to take you away from the real world.


John Lawson’s Website

Drollerie Press

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