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Adrian Phoenix – Interview & Giveaway

Today I have Urban Fantasy author Adrian Phoenix here for an interview to celebrate the latest release in her Makers Song series, Beneath The Skin! Read through the awesome interview and Adrian is giving away a signed copy of one of her books. 🙂 

 Sidhe – Hi Adrian! It’s great to have you back here at SVR. 🙂

Adrian – Hey, Judi! It’s a pleasure to be back! I wish it wasn’t so long between visits. 🙂

Sidhe – Me too and you know you are welcome anytime in my virtual “house”. The third book in your The Makers Song series, Beneath The Skin, was just released on Dec 29th. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Adrian – Sure. The story picks up right where In the Blood left off, with Dante doped and unconscious and Heather, Von, Annie, and Caterina seeking shelter from the dawn. Not only are they being hunted by the Shadow Branch and the FBI, the Fallen now know that a Maker exists in the mortal world and they are determined to find him. Dante not only needs to find away to keep himself and those he cares about out of enemy hands, but his past has been awakened and is slicing into his present. As he struggles to find balance and keep sane, his control over his Maker abilities continues to slip.

Sidhe – How do you keep track of all the goings on in this wonderfully rich and complex world you’ve created?

Adrian – Most of it I keep in my head (getting very crowded), but lately I’ve been keeping notes that I can refer to quickly while writing. I’m finding notes on who did what or who said what and when more necessary with each book I write.

Sidhe – I can imagine it would get to be a bit much to memorize after a few books. You’ve had a busy year with starting a new series as well as writing your Makers Song series! Can you tell us how you keep your writing discipline going strong when you aren’t hearing your muse?

Adrian – I’ve been fortunate in that my muse is quite loud and impossible to ignore. The problem for me comes down to time, since I still have my full time day job. It’s essential to write every day, so I write in the evenings after work and all day on weekends. I figure out a daily word total so I have a goal to shoot for every day. When I’m tired, I remind myself that writing is my dream and what I am working toward doing full time. In order to achieve that, I MUST plant my butt in my chair and get busy. It’s my job, my livelihood, my dream. Plus, if I’m really good – I get to have a treat! LOL.

Sidhe – I have so much respect for all authors as it takes such dedication and will power to continue to put out amazing works and on deadlines to boot! How many more books can we look forward to in the Makers Song series?

Adrian – Book 4, Etched in Bone will be out the end of December 2010. At this point, that’s all I’m contracted to do, but I have every reason to believe that Pocket will buy more (I gave them a proposal also) so that I can continue with the series. I have plenty of plans for more books.

Sidhe – Whew, that’s good news indeed! (Pocket, can you hear me? We need more books in The Makers Song series!) You have an affinity for writing about several REALLY sexy men. Do you have a harem of them hiding in your house? (Grins) Really… can you spare a couple to help a girl out?

Adrian – Hah. Thank you! I think you’ll also very much enjoy Layne Valin from Black Dust Mambo. Oh, I *wish* I had a harem of sexy men hanging out at my house, but then I’d probably never get any work done. LOL. As it is, they hang out in my head, which is almost as bad/good.

Sidhe – I’m thinking that inside your head is a “place” we’d all like to be if all those hot men are kickin around in there, lol. And bring on Layne, I’m ready to meet him! (Hurry up June). How much of the backgrounds of your supernatural characters are based on research and how much comes from your wickedly creative mind?

Adrian – Most of the backgrounds come from my imagination. I’ve done research on mythos for world-building for the Fallen and nightkind and for nomad society, but as for the character backgrounds go, that’s me. Now, on the Fallen characters – Gabriel, the Morningstar, Loki, etc., I *have* done research on angels and gods, which I then stir it into the subconscious kettle to simmer. I take the characters in a direction of my design.

Sidhe – Out of curiosity, I’m wondering about how many rough drafts of a novel you write before you send it off to your editor for the first time. (The wanna-be writer in me wants to know) =)

Adrian – Generally one draft. I think the most a person should do is two. I’ve never done more than two. It’s too easy to over-polish and smooth away a story’s raw and vital edge, to strip away its soul. Do your first draft, send it out to first-readers you trust, make any changes that they suggest AND that you agree with, then send it out. Then dash off to the next project. 🙂

Sidhe – How long did it take you to go from a germ of an idea to finished revisions that you turned into your editor for either A Rush Of Wings, or the first book in your new series, Black Dust Mambo?

Adrian – Okay, let’s look first at A Rush of Wings. It took me 8 months to write it (my first novel), then almost a year to sell it. After it sold in June 2006, I had to wait for the contract (October 2006 – it hasn’t taken that long with any of my other books), then the revisions request from my editor – which I believe I received in January of 2007. The book was published the end of December 2007 (January 2008 officially), so you’re looking at almost 3 years all told. The process for all books since has been much, much quicker.

The process was much shorter with Black Dust Mambo. I came up with the idea for Black Dust Mambo in October 2008 and sent my editor a proposal for it and four more books in the series. She called my agent in February of 2009 and bought the series. I finished writing the book in November of 2009 (I started it in July after finishing all the work on Beneath the Skin), finished revisions on BDM in December 2009. The book will be released the end of June 2010. So – Black Dust Mambo sold February 2009 and will be published June 2010. So figure 16-18 months from sale to publication. Sometimes it’s sooner – especially if you have a finished manuscript – which is the only thing new writers should offer editors. I sold the project on a proposal, so I had to hurriedly write the thing too. LOL.

Sidhe – Talk about working under pressure, but you seem to handle it well. I know that you are a huge Nine Inch Nails fan and that they are a big inspiration while you write. Any other bands that feed the muse?

Adrian – I also love (ironically or poetically, your choice) Muse, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, AFI, Stabbing Westward, Rammstein, Saints of Ruin, Chevelle, and movie scores like: Batman Begins (perfect for Lucien), all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Gladiator, The Last Samurai, Wanted, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Last of the Mohicans . . .

Sidhe – I also like to listen to movie scores sometimes. It makes for great ambiance minus the distractions of a catchy chorus of singing. I know you’ll probably tell me to stuff it and wait like the rest have to, but can you give us a hint of what’s to come for Dante, Heather, Von and Lucien? Please? (Blinks innocently) 

Adrian – How can I refuse when you blink so innocently, Judi? 😉

Nebulous teasers . . . Annie finds herself in a situation she could never have predicted, one that will see her lose all control of her life; the Fallen statues will arrive in Alexandria and into the wrong hands; someone will descend into the cave at Damascus and discover just what is singing “Holy, holy, holy,” in the darkness, Dante repairs the damage to the cemetery (think about that); Heather fights for Dante’s sanity and a life for them together and one for herself AND she has to face the fact that she just might have to share Dante with another person, the second bonding partner; war is brewing between the SB and the FBI, among all the levels of the Fallen, including the half-mortal nephilim, and between the vampire orders – in a fight over control of Dante.  And Dante will be betrayed.

Sidhe – Awesome, I can’t wait! Can you give us a little preview of what Black Dust Mambo, the new series, is all about?

Adrian – You bet! I’d be happy too!

Black Dust Mambo begins the story of Kallie Riviere, a hoodoo apprentice learning the art from her aunt (who may or may not be who she seems) in Bayou Cypres Noir, Louisiana. Even though this series is lighter and more humorous, dark secrets still ripple throughout. Kallie’s been scarred both physically and emotionally by a violent moment in her family’s past, a moment she is seeking answers for but only finds deeper mysteries. Nothing is what it seems. The series also features her best friend, Belladonna Brown, a voodooienne in training to be a mambo (priestess) and who believes in the gospel according to Web Md. Another key character is Layne Valin, a nomad with the Fox clan, who also happens to be a Vessel for the dead. The dead can slip into his body like a suit and use him to say their final goodbyes or whatever it is they need.

Here’s a small bit from the book from Kallie’s POV as she learns what Layne is:

A Vessel didn’t need ritual or séance or linked energy from the living to call to the dead or to open doors between the mortal and spirit worlds. A Vessel was a living, breathing spirit cabinet. And most Vessels spiraled into madness by their late teens, usually ending their lives in messy and desperate ways. Very few Vessels lasted into their twenties.

Kallie stared at Layne, wondering if he was actually younger than he looked and wondering how much time he had left before his mind and soul twisted in on themselves.

   The story involves, magic, murder, mystery, possession, a wet boxers contest, voodoo poppets, loup garou, and nomad society.

Sidhe – Woo, I can’t wait to get started reading BDM! 😀 Any truth to the rumours that Disney is looking to make the Makers Song series into a movie or movies?

Adrian – So far, there’s nothing I can officially say on the rumours. My agent and his people have been in touch with Disney and Disney has registered domain names that seem to apply to The Maker’s Song. As soon as I have official news, I will pass it along. 🙂

Sidhe – Anything else that you’d like to share with the readers here at SVR?

Adrian – I’d like to let your readers know that I’m also planning stand alone books for Von (NOMAD) and Lucien (NIGHTBRINGER). My editor has proposals, so fingers crossed! I’d also like to thank everyone for their support and to welcome new readers to the series.

Sidhe – I am now praying to the publishing gods that Von & Lucien’s books will happen. Thanks so much for coming by again Adrian! It’s always a pleasure. 🙂

Adrian – Thank you for having me, Judi! I really love visiting with you and your readers!



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