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David Niall Wilson – Guest Blog & Giveaway

Today, we have author David Niall Wilson here with us guest blogging to celebrate the release of his debut urban fantasy, Vintage Soul! Here’s a bit of background on David, or an author bio, if you will. 🙂

David Niall Wilson has been writing dark fiction, fantasy, and science-fiction since the mid-eighties. He has six published novels, one collection and over 120 short stories published in various markets including Year’s Best Horror XIX, Robert Bloch’s Psychos, Love in Vein II, Werewolves, Deathport, and many more. His poetry has appeared in various venues in the small press, as well as in a limited edition package from Kelp Queen Productions, and a selection of haiku to appear in his upcoming Lone Wolf Collection, The Subtle Ties that Bind.

David writes from a great big house in North Carolina, where he lives and loves with Patricia Lee Macomber, their children Billy, Stephanie and occasionally his own boys Zach and Zane, and a plethora of cats and fish. David is currently president of the Horror Writer’s Association.”

So let’s give him a warm welcome to SVR as he takes over for a while to guest blog! There’s also a giveaway with 4 winners following David’s post!

David: You just can’t make the world ignore your story. Not this world, mind you, but the world where you happened to place the story. You can’t have a believable character if that character overlooks things that would be inconvenient to you, as creator and God of the novel universe, just to simplify your plot.

I say this because, as a reader, I’ve become more and more annoyed with this practice over the years. Characters should not be less intelligent or perceptive than believable, and if they are portrayed as intelligent and clever, you can’t just turn that off and make them stupid for a few pages so the plot flows smoothly.

I’d cite examples, but that would be mean, and since this is not my blog, I applied the snark filter. It’s entirely possible that I will out the author behind my current irritation (Jim Butcher) and his character (Harry Dresden) in my own blog, but I won’t do that here. I do have professional standards. Seriously.

The point, in any case, is this. If you are writing along, following the path lain out by your outline and it suddenly occurs to you that one of the characters, knowing what they know, would never go along with things as you’ve planned them…change the plan. Don’t change the character – particularly in a series novel – to match a plot twist, because your readers, and fans of that particular character, will notice. They will trip over it. They will hate you for it. Seriously, fans can do that.

When you are writing, you have to be able to focus directly on the prose ahead, and at the same time you have to keep a watch on that prose through the eyes of all the characters involved. If they would see through your plot, they SHOULD see through your plot. If you know they’d react a certain way, you can bet your readers know it too. Don’t cop out on fixing plot holes just to keep the words flowing.

I write a lot of supernatural thrillers and urban dark fantasy. It’s easy to get caught up in your story and forget the “mundane” world that surrounds it. In fact, you have to make a conscious choice early on about how you will handle interaction between your story and that other, plainer world. Either you ignore it completely, or you have to interact with it in a realistic and consistent manner.

In my new urban fantasy series, The DeChance Chronicles, I’ve chosen to ignore it – at least at first. Now and then there are sirens in the distance, but for the most part I keep the story in the dark side of the city and I’m careful not to cross that line. I’ve written the first two books now, and though there are brushes with the mundane, daytime city, I’ve been careful to keep them so vague that they don’t intrude. If, in a future volume, the two worlds cross (as I suspect they may in book III), then I will have to expand my vision to encompass reactions by an entirely new subset of characters.

**NOTE** This is the point where I diverge from just writing about writing and move on to personal promotion. I’m like that. I segue to myself when the opportunity presents because, despite the talismans, late-night candle-burnings, and ritual chants, I have yet to reach a wide commercial readership with my own work. Sure, lots of people read my Star Trek Voyager novel (Chrysalis) – and a bunch will read the new Stargate Atlantis novel (Brimstone) when it comes out – and I even sold tens of thousands of White Wolf World of Darkness novels worldwide. For all of that, not many people know who I am, or what I do. I’m always hopeful that this will change.

The first book in the DeChance Chronicles, Vintage Soul, just came out in December. Donovan DeChance is a collector of old manuscripts, books, spells, parchments, and anything arcane. He is also a practicing mage. In this capacity he is often employed by other elements of the darker half of the city when things start to get out of balance, or too much to be handled through normal channels.

I love the thought of blending vampires and mages, werewolves and ghouls, all into the underground, hidden society of a city. San Valencez, California, has been the setting for several of my novels – DeChance is the most recent. I believe that in the future he’ll cross paths with the musicians of Deep Blue and Tommy Doyle, the “Psychos ‘R’ Us” cop, but for now he has his own problems to deal with.

A beautiful 300 year old vampiress has been abducted from the Penthouse home of her lover, despite serious magical security. When Donovan is called in and begins his investigation, he finds that there is a lot more at stake than the mortal, or immortal life of a single vampire. A ritual is about to be performed that has been forbidden since ancient times, and if it reaches its completion the entire city will be in danger. He’s also pissed off because part of that ritual is possible due to an object stolen from his home, also by magical means.

Donovan doesn’t fight alone. He has an Egyptian Mau (his familiar) – a host of informants and suppliers – and his lover Amethyst, a geomancer and expert on the magic of crystals. I had a blast writing the first book, and have just completed book II – Heart of a Dragon – which I’m currently revising. Both books were written (or at least started) during the annual Nanowrimo challenge.

I call this series the “fun” side of my career. When I started out as a writer in the eighties and early nineties, I wrote a lot of novels for White Wolf – designers of Vampire the Masquerade, the role-playing game. All of my novels in their World of Darkness were constrained by the references and game books, and it always felt as if I was holding something back. The DeChance Chronicles is me writing as I wanted to write during that period, but wasn’t allowed. I hate nothing more than I do restrictions.

You can find an excerpt from Vintage Soul on my website –

That is Chapter One. This book is available through – Barnes & – or you can order it from me at – it might take a little longer to get it through me, but I’ll autograph all copies. It will also be released soon by Bad Moon Books as a signed, limited edition with an absolutely gorgeous (yes, I’m prejudiced) wrap-around cover by artist Don Paresi. You can find me anytime at – or on Twitter at or on Facebook at :

I hope you’ll read my books. I hope you love them. Hell, I hope you get freaking addicted to them and beg for more. We always have hope…

A big thank you to Judi for the opportunity to post here…I believe before too long you’ll be able to read her review of Vintage Soul here. How cool is that?


Thank you David! I do have a review copy of Vintage Soul jetting it’s way to me, well ok, maybe not jetting, more like being driven over bumpy roads in the back of a truck via snail mail, lol. I am really looking forward to reading it though, it sounds awesome! And you, my readers, have a chance to win a copy for yourselves or one of three of David’s other novels.


Here are the Giveaway Details:

Up for grabs: One book is a limited edition novella, signed by David. It’s titled “The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs & The Currently Accepted Habits of Nature,” and is an urban “redneck” fantasy story. There are two copies of the trade
paperback of DEEP BLUE – a rock and roll dark fantasy novel, and last but not least, an ARC copy of Vintage Soul. 😀 Sweet, right? I’m going to have to just match up the 4 winners with the 4 books as I draw the numbers, though you can feel free to say which you would prefer and I’ll try to match you up with the book you want.

So answer me this dear readers, Have you ever been reading along and you find yourself stumped by a character doing or reacting to something in a way that is completely off the wall? By that, I mean in a way that is contradictory to their usual behavior.

For one entry: Please leave a comment with the answer to the question, or a comment or question for David. He’ll be here off and on in the first couple of days to reply to comments. (+1 entry)

For extra entries:

  • Subscribe to my blog, Sidhe Vicious Reviews, through the links at the top right hand side of the blog, and let me know in your comment. Be sure you verify your subscription through the email you’ll receive or it won’t count. (+1 entry)
  • If you’re already subscribed, you’ll receive two extra entries, but be sure to let me know in the comments. (+2 entries)
  • Post a link to this contest on your Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, GoodReads, LibraryThing, or on your blog and send me the link either in the comments or by email and you’ll get an extra entry for each place you add a link to. (+? entries, insert however many links you’ve done)
  • Contest is open Internationally and will run through February 15th until 11:59pm. The winners will be posted here on Feb 16th. Please leave your email addy in your comment for me to contact you if you’ve won. If I haven’t heard back from the winner in 7 days, a new winner will be drawn from the eligible comments. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator. Good Luck everyone! :)


(I should also mention that if you’re leaving me a bunch of links in your comment, do not panic if it doesn’t show up right away. It just automatically gets held for me to moderate, which I will as soon as I’m online. :D )

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  1. […] Niall Wilson, author of a debut urban fantasy, Vintage Soul, will be here guest blogging with a giveaway for 4 […]

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  3. +1 In answer to your question I haven’t had that happen with a book yet. It just might with the Under The Dome book I am reading though.
    So my question you would be “Do the characters just come to you or is there something you have to do first to try to figure out what kind of characters they will be?”
    You are a new author to me & your books sound really good. Thank you for being here with us.
    +2 Already subscribe
    I would prefer “The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs & The Currently Accepted Habits of Nature,” book or Vintage Soul book if I would win. Thank you.
    Sue B

    Comment by Sue Brandes | February 7, 2010 | Reply

    • In some cases (Cletus is a case in point) the characters come to me as bits and pieces of people around me (and of myself). A lot of times the story suggests what type of characters will be present, and then I find them as I go. In almost all cases, I take characters I am comfortable with and then try to react to the plot in the way that they would (as I see them in my mind.)

      Thanks for your interest, and good luck in the drawing! I’m really curious to find out how people will enjoy (or not) Vintage Soul, and I’m ALWAYS looking for new readers for all of my work.

      Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 9, 2010 | Reply

  4. In answer to your question, I have read books in which characters acted surprisingly out of character. One of the biggest problems is when a character seems to respect the main character, but then tells him or her not to do something or to avoid a certain person without saying anything about why. It always causes trouble, and isn’t a very smart way to behave, if you ask me!
    Question for Niall: since one of your books is about Rock ‘n Roll, do you listen to music while you write, or do you have a play list with songs for your characters? And what are some of them?
    I’ve never read any of Niall’s books, so I’d be happy with any one of them!
    +2 I’m a subscriber already. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Comment by Kimberly B. | February 7, 2010 | Reply

    • I listen to music when I can. I spent the early part of my writing career on a US Navy ship, and I learned to write in rooms full of loud people doing a million different things. Sometimes now I write in a room with four or five family members, the TV going, etc. I’m able to focus and “go beyond” when I need to.

      That said, some of my novels, like This is My Blood, and Deep Blue, have soundtracks – things I listened to almost exclusively when I wrote them. Concrete Blonde and Depeche Mode are mostly responsible for This is My Blood…


      Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 9, 2010 | Reply

  5. I have read books where a character does something that doesn’t fit in with their behavior in the rest of the book. I find it annoying. It seems to be sort of a cop out for when an author can’t figure out how to make the plot work.

    I’d really like to raed Vintage Soul – it sounds like a good book.

    Comment by Sandy G | February 8, 2010 | Reply

    • I try very hard to keep my characters “IN” character, even when it’s inconvenient. Life isn’t convenient, and if your fiction is too “easy” people lose interest, or, as you said, just get annoyed.

      Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 9, 2010 | Reply

  6. I’d be surprised if I were the only person to mention that Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake goes from uptight almost-virgin to superslut. Not that that’s entirely a bad thing; she needed to loosen up anyway.
    I’m already a subscriber
    Posted link to contest/interview on fb:!/profile.php?v=feed&story_fbid=340451528968&id=1625972197&ref=mf
    I’d like to read Vintage Soul

    Comment by Bethany C. | February 8, 2010 | Reply

    • My favorite musical? Hmmm I’m not much of a “musical” kind of person. I enjoyed Chicago, and Gangs of New York, but I think the most entertaining musical I’ve seen recently (and this will probably elicit groans) was “Cannibal, the Musical,” which we found on Neflix and streamed over our ROKU box without any idea what we were getting into. The very first ten or fifteen minutes is horrible, and you think you’ve made a mistake…and then? It’s very funny.


      Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 9, 2010 | Reply

    • I hear you on the Anita Blake doing a complete 180. It doesn’t bother me like it does others, though. I’m still a fan. 🙂

      Comment by sidhevicious | February 9, 2010 | Reply

      • I’ve never read any of the Anita Blake stuff…I end up reading a wide variety of things, and usually on Audio. I tend to do a variety until I get sucked in by one book in a series (like Harry Dresden) and then I need to read them all.

        Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 9, 2010 | Reply

  7. David, I was wondering what your favorite musical is?

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    Comment by emily l | February 8, 2010 | Reply

    • I think I mentioned it in another post… Cannibal, the Musical. It’s been a long time since I could sit and watch something like “Oklahoma” from start to finish.


      Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  8. […] David’s chatting about his new book, Vintage Soul. Check that out, and then check out what David is giving away, too: One is a limited edition novella (original cost $45) signed by myself. It’s titled “The Not Quite Right Reverend Cletus J. Diggs & The Currently Accepted Habits of Nature,” and is an urban “redneck” fantasy story. I also have two copies of the trade paperback of DEEP BLUE – my rock and roll dark fantasy novel – and an ARC copy of Vintage Soul. […]

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    • Interesting…aggregating book reviews, contests, etc. Will keep an eye on it.

      Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  9. No need to enter me. I’m dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail, Judi. I’ve got this posted at Win a Book for you.

    David, if we can help you promote anything, drop on by and see what we do.

    Comment by Susan Helene Gottfried | February 9, 2010 | Reply

  10. Laurell K Hamiltons Anita, goes from this total fighter with no love interest to this super slut, the plots are still well developed but the character turn-around is like whoa.
    +1 Subscribed
    +1 Twittered-
    t blog

    if i did win, i would like Vintage Soul or Dark Blue…any actually lol.

    Comment by Bianca F | February 10, 2010 | Reply

    • Um… Deep Blue (lol) And again, I haven’t READ any Anita Blake, but now I’m starting to want to…

      Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 10, 2010 | Reply

      • I’m pretty darn sure that men would enjoy this series, (Laurell K. Hamilton’s – Anita Blake), as well. Lots of violence, lots of sex, lots of danger, tension and plot twists, lots of supernatural creatures… what’s not to love? *Grins* And there’s something like 18 or 19 books in the series now, so it would keep you busy for awhile David. 🙂

        Comment by sidhevicious | February 10, 2010 | Reply

        • On request by some readers, there’s more sex in Heart of a Dragon than there was in Vintage Soul. I suspect the third one, depending on which of two I go with, may have even more…but yeah. What’s not to love…

          Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  11. I have subscribed via Google.

    Can’t say I ever read aloud. If I did I think my wife would have me locked up !

    I haven’t read anything by the author and reading new authors is always good so please enter me in the giveaway.


    Comment by Neville Thompson | February 10, 2010 | Reply

    • I bet you reading a new author is not as satisfying as being an author finding new readers. I really get very little feedback in the authorial void…so I hope I pick up several new readers here.


      Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  12. Oops !

    email: buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

    Comment by Neville Thompson | February 10, 2010 | Reply

  13. My answer: Actually that’s been happening to me a lot lately. I’ll be reading along and suddenly just not be able to buy into what’s going on in the book anymore and it’s like the book just falls apart. Sad.


    +1 follower
    +2 old follower
    +1 tweeted contest here:


    Comment by Emily | February 13, 2010 | Reply

    • It is sad, particularly when the author in question is talented, and you feel as if – with just a bit of work – they could have adjusted their outline, or whatever, and fixed the problem, but chose to write on through…

      Thanks for commenting and spreading the word. Good luck in the drawing.


      Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 13, 2010 | Reply

  14. I will admit to also reading the occasional chicklit book (During the summer you see). What annoys me is that they are always high up business women, who although entertaining can just behaving in such irritatingly stupid ways. How did they get to such high positions then? No wait, better not answer that…

    teagirl1 at telus dot net

    Comment by bcteagirl | February 14, 2010 | Reply

    • I hate it when things get so narrowly categorized. I think characters in all genres have their cliches, and I’m sure chicklit is no exception…I’ll take your word for it …


      Comment by David Niall Wilson | February 15, 2010 | Reply

  15. Twitted!

    Comment by bcteagirl | February 14, 2010 | Reply

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