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Erica Hayes – Guest Blog & Giveaway

Today I have Erica Hayes, author of the Shadowfae Chronicles, here to celebrate the release of the second book Shadowglass. I’ll let Erica take it from here, let’s give her a warm welcome!

“So, why should I read your book?”

Well, isn’t that the question every author needs to answer? With so many wonderful books released each week – and because, y’know, we have to worry about boring things, like food and electricity – readers only have so much hard-earned cash in their pockets. Choosing what to read, sadly, is often more about what we’re forced to leave behind.

And it’s part of the author’s job to convince readers why their book is the one you should choose.

So, here I am 🙂 my thirty seconds starts now…

6 reasons why you should read SHADOWGLASS

1. It’s about fairies. And I don’t mean the cute fluffy Tinkerbell kind that sit on your shoulder or hide at the bottom of the garden. These fairies are crazy, colourful, sexy and dangerous, a mad bunch of tricksters and seducers. The heroine, Ice, is a water fairy and a jewel thief, and she and her friends really know how to party. At least, they would, if they weren’t drunk. Or high. Or driven mad by a magic mirror. Which brings me to my next point…

2. It’s a magic mirror story. Seriously, who doesn’t love magic mirrors? “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sickest of them all?” And this rusty little guy is downright twisted. I mean, he’s serious trouble. He lies. He cheats. He puts naughty ideas in your head. Gaze into him at your peril, Ice. We warned you…

3. It has a demon who’ll actually steal your soul. Y’know, an honest-to-hell demon. Not one of these dudes who merely use the moniker to pick up chicks. Kane is handsome, courteous, charming, seductive, receptive to your deepest desires. That’s right before he drags your soul down to hell. And he’s mighty pissed that a certain cute little fairy thief stole his magic mirror.

4. It has the hottest fairy hero since… well, since forever. Indigo has jagged black hair, glittering silver wings and thighs that could kill you. And he’s hiding a dark, painful secret, so damning he’s never told a soul… until Ice comes along, and lures the bad things out. Yes, Indigo is the hero. Wait till you meet the villain.

5. It has a bodysnatching angel. Yeah. Nice, huh? And ditto on dudes who use the name to pick up girls: this guy’s here on a mission from God! Or from someone, anyway… at least, he thinks so. Still, better not to flash feathers around in a city ruled by an angry demon lord. Better snatch the nearest spare body…

6. And if all that’s not enough… at one point, a guy turns into a snake. Yep. This book is that cool.

Oop. Time’s up. Thanks for listening. Hope I’ve sparked your curiosity. You can read an excerpt of SHADOWGLASS at my website:


Giveaway Details:

Erica has kindly offered one reader a signed copy of Shadowglass!

So answer me this dear readers, What’s your favorite type of Fae? Do you like the Seelie (light, beautiful & cold) or the Unseelie (dark, dangerous & emotional)? Do you like ’em with the long flowing hair and pointy ears? Or are you fascinated by another type of Fae?  

For one entry: Please leave a comment with the answer to the question. I’m not sure if Erica will be able to reply to comments or questions as she resides down under and is in a totally different time zone than us, but we can try. (+1 entry)

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