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Sonya Bateman – Guest Blog & Giveaway

Today Ladies & Gents, I have Urban Fantasy author, Sonya Bateman, gracing us with her presence to celebrate the release of her debut novel, Master Of None! I have a copy here in my hands that I’ll be reading shortly, so look for a review soon, but in the meantime… let’s have some fun getting to know Sonya and about Master Of None. Be sure to check out the giveaway at the end of the guest blog!  

 I’ll pass my blogging reigns over to Sonya, welcome to SVR! 😀  


Sonya Bateman

Movies: The Other White Meat  

[We interrupt this guest post in progress for an obligatory mention of the book in question. MASTER OF NONE: One unlucky thief. One unlikely genie. One very odd couple. Recommended by several bloggers, a few other authors, some readers, and my mom.]  

Every writer has a humongously long list of books that they love, that have influenced them, that have made them sit up and gasp, “I wish I was this brilliant!” (Or, conversely: “Ugh. I can do sooo much better than that.”) Writers read, a lot, and I’m no exception. My list of beloved, influential authors and novels would probably span the globe if I printed it out. Okay, it would at least span the block. (Hey, I live in the country. It’s a really long block.)  

But I have an equally long list of movies that I love, that have influenced me, that have made me gasp, “I love this!” (or: this is sooooo bad. Somebody give me a camera and a group of college students.)  

It’s not that I have aspirations to Hollywood. Of course, I wouldn’t say no if anyone wanted to make a movie out of Master of None (and cast, say, Justin Long as the unlucky thief, and maybe Dwayne Johnson as the djinn, and Rosario Dawson as the female lead…no, I haven’t thought at all about this). But I don’t want to direct, or produce, or *shudder* act. I just love movies. They’re another form of storytelling, and for me, they’re just as influential as books.  

So instead of telling you how The Chronicles of Narnia shaped my childhood (actually, I read a lot of Stephen King as a child. Make of that what you will.), or how I admire the timeless classic prose of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky (um…yeah, I really can’t wrap my head around that stuff), I’m going to share some of my favorite movies that have contributed to my own storytelling experience. Maybe some of your favorites are on my list!  

P.S. If any of you are personally acquainted with Justin Long, please tell him that he’d make an amazing Gavyn Donatti. *G*  

FANTASY/SF: Labyrinth ~~ The Dark Crystal ~~ A Nightmare Before Christmas ~~ The Crow ~~ Wall-E ~~ The Incredibles ~~ Aliens ~~ The Iron Giant ~~ Legend ~~ Forbidden Kingdom ~~ Star Trek TNG: First Contact ~~ Pitch Black  

HORROR: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 3: Dream Warriors ~~ The Sixth Sense ~~ Stir of Echoes ~~ The Ring ~~ Saw ~~ Pan’s Labyrinth ~~ 1408 ~~ Midnight Meat Train ~~ Sin City  

THRILLER/ACTION: Die Hard ~~ Live Free or Die Hard ~~ Batman (Michael Keaton) ~~ Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, and 3 ~~ John Q ~~ Gladiator ~~ The Thirteenth Warrior ~~ Fight Club ~~ Falling Down  

ROMANCE/FEEL-GOOD: Brokeback Mountain ~~ The Breakfast Club ~~ City of Angels ~~ Stand By Me ~~ Annie ~~ Mr. Holland’s Opus ~~ West Side Story ~~ Meet Joe Black ~~ Philadelphia  

COMEDY: Galaxy Quest ~~ The Birdcage ~~ Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog ~~ Nothing To Lose ~~ Liar, Liar ~~ Rush Hour ~~ Accepted ~~ The Blues Brothers  SO BAD, IT’S GOOD: Streetfighter ~~ Mortal Kombat ~~ Army of Darkness ~~ Student Bodies ~~ Clue ~~ Little Shop of Horrors (Rick Moranis)


Thanks Sonya, that is a great list of movies!  🙂  

  Giveaway Details:

 Sonya Bateman has generously offered one reader a signed copy of Master Of None! Giveaway is open to USA , Canada & Internationally. Sonya will also be popping by to respond to questions or comments. Question:   So what movies have inspired you or stuck with you over the years? For one entry: Please leave a comment with the answer to the question.  (+1 entry) OR a question for Sonya (+1 entry)

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