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I received my new issue of RT magazine in the mail today and there’s a two page spread about the newly revamped website. Can I just say WOW! What a major overhaul and upgrade they’ve accomplished. 🙂  Go see! I lurve this magazine and can’t wait to get my hands on it every month, but the website is also a veritable font of information for all paranormal, YA and urban fantasy book lovers.

I often see comments here and there, as well as in some of the groups I’m in, from readers asking what the correct reading order of a series is, or when an author has her next release coming out. Well, let me tell you, the best site to go to is Fantastic Fiction! Just type in the authors’ name in the search engine and instantly you can see all the books they’ve written, the correct reading order of each series, publication year, etc. I frequently find myself there as it’s a wonderful tool for us book-a-holics. 🙂

I know I’ve been slagging with both my reviews and in posting the monthly releases in my fave genres. My studies get in the way of my spending as much time as I would like to here. My apologies to those who rely on my book release lists and to those whom I owe reviews. I have several reviews in the works right now, so look for them to be posted shortly.

  • Twice Dead – Kalayna Price
  • Supernatural: Heart Of The Dragon – Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • Marked – Elisabeth Naughton
  • Dead In The Family – Charlaine Harris 

To those who have been following, the great debate continues! I wrote this post the other week on a controversial issue to which blogger Karen took exception. I know, I can imagine you all thinking “don’t get into an argument online Sidhe”, and I see the validity of that advice. I do.  At first, I was just honestly trying to get her to understand exactly what it was I was saying. Now, it’s become a verbal sparring match with her, that to be frank, is highly entertaining! I’ve given up trying to get her to understand my post. I think we’ve agreed to disagree, but the matching of wits continued on. So I leave it at that.

Sidhe Wants To Know:

I have been contemplating a name change for my blog. I can’t really come up with anything that I like better though. Sinfully Sidhe’s Reviews? Dark Fae Reviews? Sidhe’s Sage Reviews? Sidhe’s Salute To Paranormal? Tuatha de Dannon’s Diabolical Musings? LOL Cheesy, I know. 😀  

I’m wondering if you all have any suggestions? If someone comes up with a blog name I like better than Sidhe Vicious, I have some author/book swag I can send to the winning suggestion. So bring it on creative thinkers!

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