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Sorry everyone, I know I’m running behind with posting the winners for both the B. Jane Lawson giveaway and the Michelle Hauf giveaway. My bad. So without further delay, the two winners from the B. Jane Lawson giveaway are: #9, Denise Z and #4, Jen M!! Congrats! You will each receive a digital copy of B. Jane’s book, To The Cliffside. The winner of the copy of Michelle Hauf’s – A Vampire For Christmas is: #17, Krystal Larson! Congrats to you as well. 🙂

The winners will have 7 days to email me for details about how to collect your books. If I haven’t heard back from someone within 7 days, a new winner will be chosen from the qualifying entries.

Thank you to both of the authors for spending time with us here at SVR and for supplying the giveaway copies! Also, a huge thanks to all my wonderful blog readers/followers for continuing to come by and leave great comments on all my posts. I love you guys!  

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I never heard back from the winner of the Jessica Sorensen giveaway, so a new number was picked by the random number generator. The new winner is Krystal Larson!! Congrats! Please contact me for details about receiving your books. (My email is in the sidebar).

I also have the winners of the Nichole Chase giveaway. Congrats to Jackie B and librarypat!! Please email me for details about receiving your digital copy of the book.

Big hugs and thanks to both Nichole Chase & Jessica Sorensen for spending time with us here at SVR and for supplying the books for the giveaways. Thank you also to my awesome readers, both old and new. I love reading your answers to the questions in the giveaways and always enjoy your comments and feedback on my other posts. I am sending you all virtual chocolate for being so great! 😀

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Jessica Sorensen Giveaway Winner

I know you’re all dying to find out who won the copies of Jessica Sorensen’s The Fallen Star and The Underworld, so I won’t torture you and make you wait, lol.. gave me #9, so the winner is Melissa Perea!!! 😀 Congrats! Please email me for details.

As always, many thanks to both Jessica Sorensen for coming by and for the giveaway copies of her books, and to all the wonderful readers & followers who commented. If I haven’t heard back from the winner in 7 days, a new winner will be chosen from the eligible entries.


I’m still pretty much down & out with this never-ending flu. 😦 I have a few reviews and a guest blog lined up for tomorrow and next week, so bear with my lolly-gagging about because I am just slogging through my flu infested life right now.

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Whirl Winner

Sorry I’m a couple of days late getting the winner posted. The Flu bug has me in its control and I am doing battle in my sleep. gave me #2, so a big Woot Woot for Donna @ The Happy Booker!! You’ve won the digital copy of Whirl by Emma Raveling. 🙂 Please email me for details about how to receive your copy.

Thank you to Emma Raveling for spending time with us at SVR and for supplying the giveaway prize.


I know I’m also running behind in getting the new releases posted, as usual, lol. I’ll have them up for October & November in the next day or two.

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Deborah Court – Winners

Just a quick post to announce the winners of  the digital copy of Deborah Court’s Bound To The Prince along with the MP3 of Jezebel’s Bound To You, the soundtrack for the book’s trailer! gave me 18, 11 & 21, so a huge Congrats to:

 Proserpine, Audrey De Souza & Credorosax!! 🙂

If all the winners could email me at sidhevicious(at)gmail(dot)com we can work out the details of your prize. If I haven’t heard back from one or more winners in 3 days, new names will be drawn from eligible entrants.

A huge thank you again to Deborah Court for spending some time with us here at SVR and for providing the prizes in the giveaway.

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SVR – Updates & News

First, we have a winner from the Kait Nolan – Red giveaway. The pulled #22, so a big Congrats to mdchristie!! 🙂 Please email me at sidhevicious(at)gmail(dot)com to find out the details to receive your e-book & digital download of the CD. A huge “Thanks” again to Kait Nolan for supplying the giveaway prizes and for spending some time with us here at SVR.

I’m throwing it out there into the interwebs again – I’m still looking for another reviewer, so if you have an eReader and want to get some reviewing experience because you love to share your awesome reads and thoughts about them with others, then please contact me for more information! If you know someone who’s been thinking about it, then give them a nudge and send them my way! *Grins*

Our reviewer Tori is currently recuperating from being a bit down and out right now, so let’s all send her get well soon wishes and lots of virtual balloons & hugs!

I’m keeping this short and sweet because I have another great Guest Blog & Giveaway to post today.

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Winners – JK Beck & Jennifer Rardin


I have a couple of winners to post today, first, for the copy of JK Beck’s When Pleasure Rules courtesy of the lovely lady herself and second, for a copy of one of Jennifer Rardin’s Jaz Parks books. I was really impressed with all your answers to both questions!

I am blown away by JK Beck’s new series and encourage you all to try to get your hands on a copy of either When Blood Calls or When Pleasure Rules, which are both out now. If you can’t get out to buy a copy right away, then harass your local library to bring some in for you to borrow. 🙂

I’m still a bit in shock over Jennifer Rardin’s passing, so sad. I saw a comment on Twitter last week that bothered me a bit, but I won’t get into it here. Suffice it to say that if I had a bunch of money, I would send a copy of any one of Jen’s books to everyone who commented. That’s how much I love the Jaz Parks series! Unfortunately, I can’t afford to do so, but I wanted to honor her memory by sharing my love of her awesome books and getting the word out about this great series. I hope you all find a way to read the series, so you can enjoy the legacy that Jen left with her writing.

So, on to the winner of When Pleasure Rules by JK Beck. picked #42, so SiNn whose email begins with “mortalsinn…” Congrats!!

Next up is the winner of a copy of one of Jen Rardin’s Jaz Parks books. picked #11, so Tynga whose email begins with “Tyngauf….” Congrats!! Tynga chose book 2, Another One Bites The Dust.

I will be emailing both the winners and they have 5 days to get back to me with their snail mail info so we can send your books out. If I don’t hear back from the winners, a new name will be drawn out of the eligible entrants. I will be shipping the Jennifer Rardin book out via The Book Depository.

Thank you again to everyone who entered. I love you guys! 😀 There are currently two contests still on the go here at SVR. Erica Hayes is giving away a copy of Poison Kissed to a commenter and Moira Rogers is giving away a digital copy of A Safe Harbor, so be sure to go and leave a comment to be entered.

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Robert Sadler – Winner

Oi, sorry for being late with posting the winner. I know that I hate it when people are really late in posting winners and here I’ve gone and done the same thing. Some really sad news in the Urban Fantasy community set me back and I will be discussing it in another post shortly.

On to the winner. Victoria Z. with the email beginning with “Tore923…” Congratulations!! Please contact me at sidhevicious(at)shaw(dot)ca so we can get Secrets Of Blood & Bone sent out to you.

To everyone who entered, I thank you. 🙂 I have another contest going on right now as well as a few more coming up shortly.

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Winner – Foresight

Oh what a week it has been! My Birthday was on Saturday, had to make two trips to the doctors and I got caught up in all the excitement that is/was Blog Fest and Blog Mania. Whew! And then there’s BBAW going on to keep me reading too. I got lost in the internetz while reading new blogs and entering a few contests. Ok, more than a few. I am officially a contest-whore this month, lol. There are sooo many awesome books that have been recently released and that are coming up. I just couldn’t help myself. I would need to win the lottery to get them all, so I decided to try my luck with winning some of them in contests. Yep. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hello! My name is Judi and I AM a book-a-holic!

Thanks to Sherry for coming by and to everyone who entered! 🙂 But enough of my rambling, you all want to know who won the copy of Sherry Ficklin’s Foresight. gave me #51, so a big

 CONGRATULATIONS to jmspettoli!!!

Please email me at sidhevicious(at)shaw(dot)ca with your mailing info so we can get your book out to you. If I don’t hear back from the winner in 5 days, a new name will be drawn from the entries. If you didn’t win, there are more contests going on and coming up, so be sure to check back. Or you can click on the book cover to order a copy for yourself. 😀


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SVR Updates & A Winner

First off, I hope all my fellow Canuck’s had an awesome Canada Day long weekend! I also hope all my American readers had a great 4th of July long weekend! Geez, we were partying it up on this side of the ocean all weekend, lol. 😀

I recently updated the New Releases list, so July’s on there and even a few August releases are up. Thank you Chapters/Indigo for the Buy 3 Get 1 free sale where I loaded up on new releases. I’ve also updated my Rec’d 2010 page, so if you’ve sent me a book for review and are wondering if I’ve received it, you can find out there.

I’m still working on updating my “My Books” pages, having a heck of a time trying to work with Open Office documents on my recently installed Microsoft Office/Word. It’ll get there, but in the meantime, my GoodReads and LibraryThing are usually updated to within a week if you’re wanting to scope out my ridiculously huge library.

And now on to the winner of Bernita Harris’ giveaway! gave me #25, so

kisah, congratulations!!! Please email me at sidhevicious(at)shaw(dot)ca so we can get your e-book sent off to you. 🙂

Thanks to Bernita Harris and to everyone who entered! If I haven’t heard back from the winner in 7 days, a new name will be drawn from the eligable entries.

Cheers! 😀

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