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Rec’d 2009

Sorry that these book covers don’t link anywhere yet. I’ll get on it asap.

midnightsd men-otow  immortal-danger  jflewis_revamped  biteme200

grave_sins  secrets-u  red-hsc  made-tbb  akissofashentwilight1

highwayth1  la-vida-v1  a-rosettf  embracing-midnight  nice-girlsdhf

forbiddentt1  thedawningop  bad-ttb  deadlydesire  inside-straight

the-strain  lastvampirestanding  Stakes AS  Some Gilrs Bite  Passion Unleashed

Marked By P  Salt And Silver  Chasing Demons  The Awakening  Immortal Sins

DarkLullaby  When Sparks Fly  Sucker FL  Atlantis Unleashed  Atlantis Unmasked

The Cold Kiss OD  Dracula_The Un-Dead  Everlasting K  How TCAKAV  The Midnight G

BONE_MAGIC  VampireTaxonomy.mech  The Phoenix C  Lenore Noogies  sorrowlawson


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