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Vampire In Atlantis – Spotlight & Review

Vampire In Atlantis by Alyssa Day

  • Paperback:336 pages
  • Publisher:Berkley (MM); Original edition (Jun 7 2011)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0425241793
  • ISBN-13: 978-0425241790
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance

Back Cover Blurb:

“The most unexpected of all
allies to Poseidon’s warriors has proven to be the fiercest—Daniel, a vampire
and Night Guild mage. But even the strongest alliance can be destroyed when an
11,000 year-old desire is reborn…

A vampire’s oath, a maiden’s

Daniel, vampire and ally of the Warriors of
Poseidon, has fought on the side of humanity—even against his fellow creatures
of the night—for more than 11,000 years.  But the crushing weight of futility
and the reality of always being starkly, utterly alone has forced him to finally
give into despair. He took the first step into the sunlight that would destroy
him—and instead walked into Atlantis.

And the blackest of magic that
could consume them both…

Eleven thousand years ago, Serai was one of a group
who agreed to be placed into magical stasis to ensure the future of the
Atlantean race. When a dark sorceress steals the gemstone that protects her
sleeping sisters, she awakens to a vastly changed world—and the one man she
could never, ever forget. And with an ancient evil tracking their every step,
the long-lost lovers must battle both the darkest of magic and the treacheries
of their own hearts.”

My Thoughts:

I’m sure it’s no big surprise to my readers that I am a long-time fan of Alyssa Day’s Warriors Of Poseidon series. I’ve been following and falling in lust with these warriors since the first book and the author keeps the amazing stories coming!

Daniel is a character that we’ve come to know throughout the series and in Vampire In Atlantis he gets his own story told. Yes! Although these books can easily be read as stand-alone’s, the characters are usually introduced in previous books as secondary characters, so it provides a build up of interest in them by the time you get to their story. I guess I’m saying that it’s more satisfying to read them in order, lol.

On to the book. Daniel and Serai are reunited after eleven thousand years with each of them thinking that the other had died. They embark on both an emotional journey as well as a physical one to recover The Emperor which is one of the magical gemstones of Poseidon’s Trident, which they need to find in order to save lives, including Serai’s! Vampire In Atlantis is a really touching love story filled with non-stop action, drama, danger and redemption.

Anyone who is a fan of paranormal romance, sexy Atlantis warriors, unique characters, strong women, and fabulous storytelling will love this series.



Find out more about Alyssa Day and her books at her WEBSITE

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The Warriors Of Poseidon series in order:

Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Awakening

Atlantis Unleashed

Atlantis Unmasked

Atlantis Redeemed

Atlantis Betrayed

Vampire In Atlantis

and coming soon – Heart Of Atlantis

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September 2010 Releases

There are a whole bunch of awesome books being released out into the wild this month! Here are some shiny covers of a few of them that I am DYING to read. 😀 Check out my New Releases page to see all the books along with their release dates. (I’m still working on the title links).





Ahh my pretties, how I want you all. Hopefully I’ll get some Chapters gift cards for my birthday next week! 😉

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Atlantis Redeemed – Spotlight & Review

Atlantis Redeemed by Alyssa Day

  • Paperback: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Berkley (MM); Original edition (Mar 2 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0425233030
  • ISBN-13: 978-0425233030
  • Book Description:

    “Poseidon’s warriors have learned that the battle to protect humanity produces unexpected enemies–and alliances. But none more unexpected than the bond between a cursed Atlantean warrior and a woman whose sight surpasses any lie…

    A warrior with no emotion …
    Doomed by Poseidon millennia ago to live life bereft of feelings, Atlantean warrior Brennan’s curse is shattered when he meets Tiernan–a human with the ancient Gift of Truth Telling. Attraction turns deadly when the woman he could never forget becomes the woman he can never remember. With the fate of Atlantis on the line, will a warrior’s uncontrollable desire destroy the world?

    A woman with an eye for the truth…
    Tiernan’s job as an investigative reporter is perfectly suited to her unique ability to see through any falsehood. But when she discovers human scientists conducting hideous experiments on humans and shape-shifters alike, only a wildly sexy Atlantean can help protect her from the those determined to see her fail—and die. When the future of the world is at stake, can she overcome death itself so together they can protect mankind?”

    When truth and passion collide…Atlantis is redeemed.”

    My Thoughts:

    I am a die-hard fan of this series. I’ve been waiting for Brennan & Tiernan’s story and Alyssa Day does not disappoint! Brennan’s curse is truly a difficult obstacle for them both, but with two strong, dedicated and vivacious characters like this, sparks fly and the passion for their cause and each other ignites.

    Characters from past books play important roles and I loved reading about them again. The battle that these sexy Atlanteans face alongside their women and allies from other supernatural races to save humanity rages on and creates an exciting, dangerous and compelling tale of insurmountable odds for them all to overcome on their way to finding love. I am on pins and needles waiting for the next book, Atlantis Betrayed which will be out September 2010!


    Buy Atlantis Redeemed at:

    Chapters, Amazon or Barnes & Noble

    Find out more about Alyssa Day and her books at her website!

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