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Black Heart Loa – Spotlight & Review

Black Heart Loa by Adrian Phoenix

Format:Mass Market Paperbound

Dimensions:432 Pages

Published:June 28, 2011

Publisher: Pocket Books

ISBN – 10:1439167923
ISBN – 13:9781439167922

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Book Description:

“An eye for an eye is never enough.”

Kallie Rivière, a Cajun hoodoo apprentice with a bent for trouble, learned the meaning of those ominous words when hoodoo bogeyman Doctor Heron targeted her family for revenge. Now, while searching for her still-missing bayou pirate cousin, Kallie finds out the hard way that someone is undoing powerful gris gris, which means that working magic has become as unpredictable as rolling a handful of dice.

The wards woven to protect the Gulf coast are unraveling, leaving New Orleans and the surrounding bayous vulnerable just as an unnatural storm-the deadliest in a century-is born. As the hurricane powers toward the heart of all she loves, Kallie desperately searches for the cause of the disturbing randomness, only to learn a deeply unsettling truth: the culprit may be herself. To protect her family and friends, including the sexy nomad Layne Vallin, Kallie steps into the jaws of danger . . . and finds a loup garou designed to steal her heart-literally.”

My Thoughts:

Black Heart Loa, the second book in Phoenix’s HooDoo Series, continues the story right from where Black Dust Mambo left off. Once again, I was blown away and totally caught up in Kallie’s story. Adrian has a way of writing very earthy characters and it always feels like you’re right there in the thick of it with them. Layne, well, what can I say about him? I want my very own Layne! 😛 But I also want my very own Dante, Lucien or Von from Adrian’s Makers Song series too, lol. Adrian has a way of writing the male leads in such a way that they just get under your skin and stay with you long after you’ve finished reading the book. Seriously, can I put at least one of them on my Christmas Wish List? Please? (I know that the female characters are written just as well and I love the relationships between them & other characters as well as their personalities, but I don’t lust after them so… lol )

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that Adrian Phoenix was born and raised in the Bayou’s of Louisiana! She captures the atmosphere and the language so well with her writing. Adrian is a true master at her craft and skillfully weaves intricate stories so “life-like” that you almost believe that it could really be happening to these characters.  I’m dying to read the next book in this series! I want to know more about what happens next to Kallie, Layne, Belladonna, Divinity, Jackson and all the characters. I loved the introduction of the Were’s into the series. Ahhh I need to know more, lol. Adrian, do you need a beta reader? Can you write faster? 😀 As Adrians’ writing always does, she took me on a super awesome, crazy roller coaster ride along with the characters, the circumstances, the emotions, the danger, the suspense, the supernatural elements and the romantic entanglement. I loved every minute of it!


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