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Nocturnal – Spotlight & Review

Nocturnal  by Jacquelyn Frank, Kate Douglas, Jess Haines & Clare Willis

  • Paperback: 532 pages
  • Publisher: Zebra – Kensington; 1 edition (Aug 24 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1420109871
  • ISBN-13: 978-1420109870
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance, Anthology
  • Book Description & My Thoughts:

    The Phoenix Project” by Jacquelyn Frank. Held captive, Amara is subjected to bizarre experiments that test the limits of her sanity. But nothing prepares her for being locked away – naked – with a sexy ex-cop…after they’ve been pumped full of drugs that increase their sexual appetites to animalistic intensity…”

    Whew, I had to check the spine to see if this book was Erotica or just regular Paranormal Romance after reading this first story. The chemistry between these two is HOT. Nick and Amara are great characters and I absolutely loved the story. Very original and I am hoping that Ms. Frank will write more about Morphates and this world she’s created. Dark, sexy and a roller-coaster ride of danger and suspense.

    “Crystal Dreams” by Kate Douglas – When Lemurian Guard Darius chases a demon spirit to Earth, he faces a lethal battle between good and evil. His ally is Mari, a breathtakingly beautiful human who unknowingly holds the key to victory. But before the war is over, Darius’ desire for his mortal companion threatens to erupt – and could cost Mari her life…”

     This tale is told in the same world that Kate Douglas introduced us to in her novel, Demon Fire, her Demon Slayers series. I am in lust with Darius and want a Lemurian of my own, thanks! 😉 Mari is a sweetheart and I really enjoyed the progression of her relationship with Darius. Really cool world building paired up with interesting characters and a great plot & pacing. I know that I will be following forthcoming books in this series.

    “Spark of Temptation” by Jess Haines – Blackmailed into taking a treacherous case, P.I. Sara Halloway is thrust into a demon war. Sara seeks guidance from a charismatic mage, but their hunger for one another soon becomes a deadly distraction…and the danger surrounding them only makes their urges more powerful…”

    This novella happens between book one, Hunted By The Others, and book two, Taken By The Others, in Jess Haines’ H & W Investigations series. Sara is the partner of Shiarra, who is the main character in both the books. It was awesome to read a story in Sara’s P.O.V. that was filled with characters from the books. Sara takes a job from Royce, a bad-a$$ vamp, and action, danger, conflict and some romance ensues! Sara & Arnold make a great team and I was really happy to read their story!

    “My Soul to Take” by Clare Willis – New Orleans native Dr. Maggie Dillon thought she left her past behind her – until she’s enraptured by a handsome patient who has been possessed by a malevolent spirit. To find a cure, Colby revisits her magical roots – and unleashes a primal lust too vital to ignore…”

    Maggie Dillon meets her soul mate in a patient who truly is possessed! Derek is handsome, talented & tortured by the malevolent spirit residing in him. Maggie has to call her sister Eve, who is a Voodoo Priestess in New Orleans to come and help with Derek. A fun read with engaging characters.



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