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The Grind Show – Review

The Grind Show by Phil Tucker

  • Pub. Date: May 2011
  • Publisher: TransientMe LLC
  • Format: NOOK Book (eBook)
  • File Size: 636 KB
  • BN ID: 2940012613851
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy

Book Description:

“For those who can see demons there is but one maxim: hunt them down until your luck runs out, and then hope for an easy death.

Or so Jason thought until one hellish night in a desert ghost town leaves his life in ruins and his soul tainted with demonic power.

Now the tables are turned and he’s the prey, forced to fight a running battle to keep himself and his friends alive. But at what price is he willing to buy his freedom? The demons care nothing for collateral damage, and as the death toll mounts the darkness within him grows stronger, making it ever harder for Jason to resist the allure of his newfound powers… “

My Thoughts:

This was a high action supernatural thriller with interesting twists and turns. Definitely “guy friendly” fiction. Why only a 3.5 rating, you may ask, and it’s because I am conflicted. The book is really well written with great characters, story arcs, dialogue, action, danger and reminded me of an episode of Supernatural in a way, but I kept putting it aside to read other books. Several times. Does this reflect on the writing itself? Or does it have more to do with what I was really in the mood to be reading at the time and the fact that I still prefer to be reading a hard copy of a book instead of on my eReader. I do not know! I feel bad for the author who has been ever so patiently waiting for a review of his book, which really is an awesome read.

I would highly recommend this book to fans of paranormal thrillers and as I said it is definitely “guy friendly”. I would also classify this as adult fiction as there’s some gore and horror elements that are aptly described. I’ll keep this one short because I still haven’t made up my mind about it. (Sorry Phil). I’m just keeping my review honest as always.


Find out more about Phil Tucker and what he’s working on at his website.

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Tori Reviews – Blood Calling

Blood Calling by Joshua Grover – David Patterson

  • Format:Kindle Edition
  • File Size:394 KB
  • Sold by:Amazon Digital Services
  • Language:English
  • ASIN: B005MGBD4E
  • Genre: Paranormal

Book Description:

“When Lucy Leary turned 18, her life fell apart.  She crashed her car, her best friend abandoned her, her parents divorced, and her grandfather passed away, leaving her a single possession: A vampire slaying kit with a note that said, “THEY’RE REAL.  FIGHT THEM.”

Now Lucy must stop the oldest, most dangerous vampire in history, before it can kill her family.”

My Thoughts:

I found this book very interesting.  I love how the author portrays the vampires in this book. Instead of portraying them as the blood thirsty demons that are out to kill everyone, he portrays them as vampires trying to take the pain away from someone who is dying.  There were still some bad vamps in the book that just killed whoever they wanted to.

I love all the characters in the book, especially Lucy, who I thought was a very strong character.  Her home life was difficult and she just didn’t seem to fit in at school.  You could also tell how much she loved her grandfather and when she finds the kit to kill vampires, she pursues the truth despite the danger and warnings.

I also loved Washington and Emma.  I thought the author could have made both characters a lot stronger than they were portrayed, especially Washington but  I really liked his character.  I loved the chemistry that he and Lucy shared.  I wish the author would have pursued that a lot more than he did.  I felt that he loved her, especially when he chose to change her to save her life.  Washington was very protective of her I thought.  I thought the author didn’t bring out those emotions enough to the reader.

Emma was also an interesting character but I though she could have been a lot stronger too.  She seemed like she was very hard on Lucy at the beginning but then her attitude changed towards her.

I feel like the author could’ve had more emotion and bonding between the characters than what he did.  I just felt like that was missing from the book.  I like Lucy telling the tale from her point of view.  It made the story feel real and believable.  I did enjoy the story and I loved reading the book.  I found it most enjoyable.  I would like to see the author write other books but put more emotion into them.



Find out more about Joshua Grover – David Patterson at his Blog!

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