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For a change, I’ve actually been to see a few movies lately, so I thought I would share my thoughts on them with you all. 🙂

Michael Jackson’s This Is It

I’ve been to see this movie twice and I loved it! MJ was unbelievably talented and a creative genius. He still had it at 50 years old. The movie chronicles the rehearsals from the This Is It shows that were to be in London this year. Based on the footage, the show would have been absolutely amazing! It made me sad because the full show will never happen now, and his children will never get to see him perform. He passed before his time. I was also happy because he still had his voice, his dancing and his passion and dedication to his art.

(I ask that anyone who has negative comments to make about MJ keep it to themselves. If you’re not a fan of his music, that’s fine. Everyone’s entitled to their own taste in music. But I would appreciate it if anyone who has negative things to say about him would go and find a group of your peers. It’s not here.)


Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

I finally made it to the theater to see this movie and was not disappointed. It should definitely be seen on the big screen at least once, though I’ll be buying the DVD as well. Harry Potter and the rest of the characters have grown up and have to go through even more trials and life changing situations.

I’m always impressed by the quality of the HP films. The stunning scenery, sets and special effects mixed with the wonderfully rich characters that the actors portray and the situations that they’re placed in makes for an amazing movie. I’m ashamed to admit that I have yet to read the books, and yes I do have them all, but I’m loving the movies! 😀



The Twilight Saga: New Moon

If you’re a resident on the planet Earth, you know that New Moon opened on Nov 20th. I went to a 12:30pm show on Friday and it was packed, as was the show at 11:55am. The line-up outside for the movie when we came out was overwhelming. But that’s no surprise to me. (That’s why we went early. :D) And thankfully there weren’t a million squealing/tweeting teenagers to ruin the movie.

I really liked it. I’ll have to see it a couple more times to totally make up my mind, but other than the people who were in the theater with a BABY who was crying!!??, I enjoyed the movie. I thought that they did a good job of putting the story to film. As an avid reader, of course there were parts of the book that I wish had been put into the movie, but let’s be real, there’s no way to pack every detail of a 608 page book into a 2 hour movie.

I loved the addition of the werewolves and the Volturi. I don’t want to give any spoilers away for those who haven’t seen it yet. They stayed true to the book with a couple of changes that added to the visual experience. I’ll definitely be going to see it again.

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