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As some of you  may know, I celebrated a “milestone” birthday this last weekend. Yup, I turned 40. I pulled out the trusty old “melon cat” picture because it about sums up my feelings on the matter, lol. My emotions have been a fairly even mix of up and down about it, though I can honestly say  that as far as birthdays go, this one was pretty darn ok. I got some major love over on FaceBook, which was really awesome. I was taken out to dinner to one of my favorite places to eat. I was given enough gift cards to get me some majorly “wanted” books and to go and buy Thor on dvd when it hits stores on Tuesday!

I also got a message from my bestie in Australia that she wants to fly me out there next year, all expenses paid!!! OMG! So between being really excited and then not so excited or more like terrified about a 20-something hour-long flight to get there, lol, I’m kinda in shock. I am a smoker, (yes, I know it’s a disgusting habit), so that many hours on a plane tends to get me biting my nails in stress. I may have to self medicate for that flight, lol. Hello muscle relaxers! Trying to sleep for the majority of it is about the only way I would survive it, but then my pal would have a zooed out “Judi” to contend with when I get there, ha ha ha. I can just picture it now! 😀 Oh, the stories I will be able to tell. Or not. (Insert evil grin here)

So, the birthday-o-rama this weekend explains the case of the missing blogger here on SVR. Now I have to buckle down and get back to posting all my reviews, news, guest blogs and giveaways.

I’ve come across a couple of really great books that support causes that mean something to me, so I wanted to share some info about them here.

First up, we have a whole bunch of talented Young Adult authors telling their stories about bullying in the newly released Dear Bully. I really think that this book is very relevent in this day and age of bullying being taken to a whole other level with cyber bullying. It breaks my heart when I see kids bullying other children and when I see parents of a child who was bullied so badly that they either attempted suicide or they did it. So terribly tragic and hopefully someday, more avoidable. I believe that talking about this rising epidemic is one way to help battle it.

Also, a portion of the book’s proceeds will go to STOMP Out Bullying, a national anti-bullying and cyber bullying program for kids and teens and a partner of The Jed Foundation and MTV’s Love Is Louder campaign.

For more information about Dear Bully, visit the book’s official Facebook page and website,, where you’ll find videos of celebs like Ben Folds, Justin Timberlake, and the cast of Glee speaking out about bullying and cyber bullying.

ENTANGLED is on sale now IN ALL e-FORMATS at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and All Romance Ebooks. This is the 11-author paranormal anthology featuring NYT bestselling authors. 100% of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. If you have an e-reader and $2.99 to spare, please support the cause and buy a book. And please pass this on to family and friends! Thank you!!” (I’m passing this message on via Nancy K. Haddock on FaceBook).

Product Description:

“Ghosts, vampires, demons, and more!  Entangled includes ten suspense-filled paranormal short stories from authors
Cynthia Eden, Jennifer Estep, Edie Ramer, Lori Brighton, Michelle Diener, Misty Evans, Nancy Haddock, Liz Kreger, Dale Mayer, and Michelle Miles, plus a Seven Deadly Sins novella by Allison Brennan.

Stacia Kane contributed the  foreword. Formatting and cover art were also donated to the project by Lori Devoti and Laura Morrigan.

All proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”

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SVR – News & Updates

First off, as I’m sure some of you have noticed, I added a flag counter app to my sidebar and can I just say how cool it is to see where people are who are checking out my little corner of the internet. Hello to you all! 🙂

I still haven’t heard back from the winner of Bernita Harris’ Dark & Disorderly, so I used to draw a new winner.  #14, Julie Swaney, Congrats! 😀 Please email me at sidhevicious(at)shaw(dot)ca so we can get your ebook out to you.


Other interesting news I’ve come across lately:

While science fiction often deals with the world of tomorrow and fantasy often illuminates worlds that never were, paranormal romance and urban fantasy are—mostly—set in the world we live in. Sort of. I mean, as far as we know, our world isn’t actually populated by vampires, witches, elves, demons, or the other creatures that inhabit urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels. Right?

To showcase this diversity, is celebrating July as Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Month! They’ve rounded up half a dozen original pieces of short fiction, and will have guest blogs and interviews from paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors and editors. For more about the brand new fiction, guest posts, and extras of’s July celebration, go to


Titan Books is launching a brand new website, which is going to be packed with exclusive content and special features, so pop on over there and check it out! Don’t miss the Jose Molina interview about his experience working on FireFly. There’s new Lenore artwork showcased on the blog, contests, awesome books, etc.


Paul Goat Allen of (And the mod for the book club featuring Adrian Phoenix’s Black Dust Mambo) just posted an excellent blog about Adrian Phoenix’s books and Black Dust Mambo! I could not agree with him more!

There’s also a new podcast up at Seattle Geekly featuring female authors: Adrian Phoenix, Mira Grant, Jennifer Brozek, Seanan McGuire, Jessa Slade and Marjorie M. Liu! So have a listen to hear what these urban fantasy authors have to say.

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Sidhe’s News & Updates

I’ll start with some updates. 🙂

Jackie over at Literary Escapism has an excellent newsletter of New Covers, Interviews and general updates about the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal community. There are also a few contests and links to contests.

Anna over at Anna’s Book Blog has a great list of current contests that are going on around the blog-o-sphere!

Elie at Ellz Reads is hosting a 5 prize pack giveaway for the 12 Blogs of Christmas. She also has a wicked list of contest listings on her sidebar.

Nat over at Wicked Lil Pixie is hosting her 13 Wicked Days Of Christmas interviews and contests blowout, so be sure to head over there and read some awesome and hilarious interviews with authors such as Dakota Cassidy, Mark Henry, Nicole Peeler, Michelle Rowan, Jennifer Rardin and a bunch of amazing authors! (I totally love her graphic!) -“Because Evil Doesn’t Rest For The Holidays” may just be the best slogan I’ve read this year! LOL Only my “twin” could come up with this. 😀

Preternatural Reviews has posted his list of the Best of Paranormal & Urban Fantasy of 2009. Your suggestions for the list in the comments section are added.

My personal faves of 2009 include but are most definitely not limited to, and in no particular order are:

  • Nicole Peeler – Tempest Rising
  • Amanda Ashley – Immortal Sins
  • Annette McCleave – Drawn Into Darkness
  • Kimberly Frost – Barely Bewitched
  • Chloe Neill – Friday Night Bites
  • Jennifer Rardin – Bite Marks
  • Jeaniene Frost – Destined For An Early Grave
  • Rachel Vincent – Prey
  • Gena Showalter – Lords Of The Underworld Trilogy
  • Pamela Palmer – Feral Warriors Trilogy
  • Diana Pharaoh Frances – Bitter Night
  • Laurell K. Hamilton – Skin Trade
  • Charlaine Harris – Dead And Gone
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon – Bad To The Bone
  • Alyssa Day – Atlantis Unleashed & Atlantis Unmasked
  • Lilith Saintcrow – Flesh Circus & her Y.A. under Lili St. Crow – Betrayals
  • Kelley Meding – Three Days Till Dead
  • Jaye Wells – Red Headed Stepchild
  • Adrian Phoenix – In The Blood
  • Jeri Smith-Ready – Bad To The Bone
  • Nalini Singh – Angel’s Blood
  • Sandra Hill – Viking Heat
  • Judi Fennell – In Over Her Head
  • J.R. Ward – Lover Avenged
  • Richelle Mead – Blood Promise & Thorn Queen
  • Cheyenne McCray – Demons Not Included
  • Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl – Beautiful Creatures
  • Beth Fantaskey – Jessica’s Guide To Dating On The Dark Side

And I could be here ALL day listing more, but these books all stood out as exceptional to me this year. There are so many more that I’ve read, that are in my TBR pile waiting to be read, and that are being released soon that I can’t wait for!! I love me some books, and lots of ’em. If you don’t believe me, here’s a pic of my TBR piles, and piles… and piles. It’s ridiculous, I know, but I keep buying MORE! 😀 (The pile is actually even bigger now as this pic is a couple moths old, lol).

My TBR books

 So what were some of your favorite books of 2009? Leave a comment!




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News Around The UF/PR Community

Jennifer Rardin’s fourth book in the Jaz Parks series, BITTEN TO DEATH was released yesterday ( August 12th ). If you’ve had your head in the sand and somehow haven’t managed to come across this series, I highly recommend them. Here’s a blurb from this book… ( From The Publisher)

“Jaz Parks here. My latest mission has taken me to the ancient Greek city of Patras; but instead of soaking up its splendor, I’m here to infiltrate a Vampere Trust. Only two vamps have ever escaped the tightly bound communities and lived to tell the tale: Edward “The Raptor” Samos, the most reviled criminal mastermind in recent memory, and Vayl, the CIA’s number one assassin who also happens to be my boss.

The Raptor is trying to take over Vayl’s former Trust. Unfortunately the Trust’s new leader has her own plans.

This job is going to be the death of me.”

These books can be read as stand alone and you will have no problems following the story, but It’s also much more gratifying if you read from the first book because you’re that much more invested in the characters. That’s just my opinion though.

Here’s the awesome cover of Adrian Phoenix’s second book IN THE BLOOD, which is being released December 30th, 2008 according to Amazon and Chapters. Put it in your wishlist’s or pre-order it, I have!

I’m really looking forward to this book as it continues the story of Heather and Dante as well as all the great characters from the first book A RUSH OF WINGS. I’m not sure if the series has a name yet, but it is a series. I just heard recently that Adrian has been contracted to write books 3 and 4. A Huge big congrats to you Adrian!! I can’t wait to read them. 🙂



In other news, I’ve just heard that Kim Harrison, author of The Hollows/Rachel Morgan books, has a new Young Adult book coming out in May 2009 called ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY.  You can get a taste of it in the Prom Nights from Hell anthology. I can’t find a cover for it, but will keep you all updated as I find out more.

AMBERKATZE is having a contest to win a copy of Jocelyn Drake’s Nightwalker.

VAMPIRE WIRE is having a contest to win a copy of Carolyn Jewel’s My Wicked Enemy.

And last but not least, you have until Friday, Aug. 15th to ENTER my contest to win a signed copy of Rachel Caine’s Gale Force!

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Hot Off The Umm… Internet?

  • Mood: tired
  • Watching: the inside of my eyelids shortly
  • Currently Reading: Celebration Of The Dead, Scions: Insurrection, The Devil’s Right Hand, and a Fibromyalgia book!

I know I need to get some reviews posted, and I thank you all for your patience. It’s been one of those weekends, you know? LOL I had meant to spend a good portion of the weekend reading and posting reviews, and as the saying goes, “the road to … somewhere… is paved with good intentions”, right? Boy I sure hope I’m not going to “somewhere” for not posting my reviews!! You all forgive me right?

Big, and I mean BIG new news is that over at The League Of Reluctant Adults author’s Jackie Kessler, Caitlin Kittredge and Jaye Wells have joined the League!! Congratulations Ladies and to the League members. I’m looking forward to many great posts from you all. Sadly, Ilona Andrews and Jill Myles will no longer be blogging through the League.

I did get some great books this week, and in no particular order, here they are.

Scions: Insurrection – Patrice Michelle (which I’m really enjoying right now and also personalized to me by author), Unleashed – Kristopher Reisz (personalized to me by author), Dragon Wytch – Yasmine Galenorn ( The ARC I won also personalized to me by author), The Darkest Night – Gena Showalter, These Boots Were Made For Strutting – Anthology W/ Lisa Cach, Gemma Halliday & Melanie Jackson, Fiance At Her Fingertips – Kathleen Bacus, The Sun Witch – Linda Winstead Jones, Bound To Love Her – Esri Rose, and Fallen – Erin McCarthy.

I am dead on my feet, so I will edit this tomorrow to include some gorgeous covers for your viewing pleasure.

To enter the CONTEST to win a signed copy of JF Lewis’s debut vampire novel STAKED, or a Welcome To The Void t-shirt, click on the Contest link to your left and leave a comment at the bottom of the interview with JF.

(Edited May 5th) Ooohhh Shiny!


( Moved over from my original blog )

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Mood: Excited
You all know I’m reading Jennifer Rardin’s – Biting The Bullet. I’ll have the full review and spotlight up on it tomorrow, but I have to share this bit with you. I love this passage:

“He looked into my eyes and the room went silent. “I could never have done what you’ve done,” he finally said. “You’re an amazing woman. Thank you.”

I bobbed my head, pressing my lips together so I wouldn’t start blubbering. Because the next step would definitely be snot bubbles. And I so did not want to ruin this moment with snot bubbles. So I did it with work.”

OMG, I’m still giggling over this! I love the way this character (Jaz Parks), is portrayed. I’ll give more details tomorrow, but I had to share this now. Priceless. (Bowing down to Ms. Rardin for creating one of the best new female leads I’ve come across).

Other EXCITING up-coming news is an interview with author Adrian Phoenix! (Doing the happy dance) I absolutely loved her debut urban fantasy novel A Rush Of Wings. An amazing novel from an awesome lady, what could be better than getting to know her through an interview? We also have a really cool surprise cooked up for you all, but I’ll save that announcement for later.

Happy Easter – Happy Ostara – Happy Spring Equinox to you all. =)

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Posted by Amber:
I don’t have ‘A Rush of Wings’ yet. I don’t think I can actually order it here yet either…I will have to go and have a look…or maybe it is on pre-order.
Monday, March 24th 2008 @ 7:05 AM
Posted by Judi:
Ooohh, I hope you can get it. It’s also an amazing read! I’m really looking forward to the sequel.
Monday, March 24th 2008 @ 11:53 AM

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