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Nocturne – Review

Nocturne by Syrie James

  • Mass Market Paperback:288 pages
  • Publisher:Vanguard Press; Mass Market Edition edition (Aug 2 2011)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:159315674X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1593156749
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Description:

“When Nicole Whitcomb’s car runs off a Colorado mountain road during a blinding snowstorm, she is saved from death by a handsome, fascinating, and enigmatic stranger.

Snowbound with him for days in his beautiful home high in the Rockies, she finds herself powerfully attracted to him. But there are things about him that mystify her, filling her with apprehension. Who is Michael Tyler? Why does he live alone in such a secluded spot and guard his private life so carefully? What secret–or secrets–is he hiding?

Nicole has secrets of her own and a past she is running from–but Michael understands her better than anyone she has ever known. Soon, she is falling as deeply in love with him as he is with her–a profoundly meaningful experience that is destined to change their lives forever.

As the sexual tension between them builds, however, the clues mount up. When Nicole learns her host’s terrifying secret, there is nowhere for her to run but into the blizzard raging outside, and Michael may be the only one who can save her life.”

My Thoughts:

I was largely underwhelmed by this book to be honest. I’d heard so many great reviews about it and I found it quite “ho-hum”, or too “Vanilla” for my tastes. A woman’s car runs off the road in a remote location in a snow storm and she is rescued by an enigmatic man who lives alone on the mountain right where she has the accident. He takes her to his house, cares for her and they fall for each other while trapped in the house because of the blizzard. They both have secrets, and they eventually find out what they are.

There was absolutely nothing new or exciting about this story for me. The characters were reminiscent of a million other characters only they reminded me of the male/female stereotype of Harlequin romances from the 80’s. Actually, this story could have been one of those romances from the 80’s and the supernatural element was just worked in to it. The plot was the same type of plot I’ve read a million times, the pacing was steady and the dialogue was average and to be expected. I knew what was going to be said and what would happen before it was said and happened in the book.

If you like a safe and predictable sweet romance, then go for it. I had a hard time finishing this one. I like my paranormal romance filled with excitement, spice, daring, danger, action and surprises. This was not it. That being said, this was not a bad book nor was it badly written. It just didn’t work for me personally.



Find out more about Syrie James and what she’s working on at her website.

Buy a copy at:


Barnes & Noble

The Book Depository

(No offense is meant towards the Harlequin romances or those authors who wrote them back in the 80’s. They were “hot” back then.)

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Michelle Hauf – Guest Blog & Giveaway

  Today we are happy to have Paranormal Romance author Michele Hauf here with us to celebrate the release of A Vampire For Christmas, an anthology in which her story Monsters Don’t Do Christmas is featured! Alongside Michele’s story, there are also stories by Alexis Morgan, Laurie London and Caridad Pineiro, so this is one HOT paranormal anthology you won’t want to miss! Here’s the book info.

  • Mass Market Paperback:384 pages
  • Publisher:HQN Books; Original edition (Oct 18 2011)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0373776446
  • ISBN-13: 978-0373776443

Book Description:

“All they want for Christmas is you…

It’s the time of year for twinkling lights on trees and kisses under the mistletoe. Yet the passing of another year means nothing to the stunning immortals who lurk in the shadows of the new-fallen snow.

And they don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice.

Let four fanged lovers open your eyes to a passion you never dared to imagine. After all, there’s no place like home for the holidays, and these dazzling vampires can’t wait for an invitation.”

See what I mean? Definitely a book to err… keep you warm for the holidays! 😉 Michele has written up a guest blog to tell us about the two books she has out this month. There’s also a giveaway at the end of the post! So I’ll pass the reins over to Michele for a bit.


What a busy month!  With Halloween just around the corner, as an author, it’s kind of a thrill to have a vampire book out this month.  But I happen to have two books out this month, which is a strangely cool abundance of vampy delight.  Both are novellas featured in anthologies with three other authors.  The first, Monsters Don’t Do Christmas, is in A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS.  I know, a bit early, right?  But it’s never too early to start dreaming about what you’d like in your Xmas stocking, and if it has fangs all the better, yes?  This story introduces two new characters to my Beautiful Creatures world, the hero being a newly-turned vampire who is still struggling with the whole ‘monster-ness’ of what he’s become. 

The second story, Cruel Enchantment, is in CRAVE THE NIGHT, and isn’t holiday themed, but rather most of the stories are set in the authors’ current world.  Mine features Revin Parker and Sabrina Kriss, who appeared in Her Vampire Husband.  I’ve been wanting to write a little more on Bree for a long time, and knew she would eventually get together with Rev, but that it wouldn’t be easy for either of them.  Bree is a faery, and if you’ve read books in my world, you know faeries and vampires don’t really make for the best match, seeing as faery dust is addictive to vampires.  But can you become addicted to a person?  I think it’s possible, and so, explored that as well.

If you’re new to my world, you can pick up any book and read it, and it stands alone.  You don’t have to read one book before another to understand what is going on.  And if you like a character and want to find out if they show up in other stories, stop by Club Scarlet for all the details and terms from the Beautiful Creatures world.

So tell me, are you wishing for that vampire in your stocking?  Or maybe you prefer something a little more wolfish? 😉



  Thanks Michele!! 🙂

Giveaway Details:

Michele Hauf has been gracious enough to supply a copy of her book, A Vampire For Christmas to one of my lucky readers! Contest is open to Everyone. I’m not sure if Michele will be popping by to respond to comments or questions as she’s a super busy lady, but if you have any, I’ll be sure to pass them on.

Question: So tell me, are you wishing for that vampire in your stocking?  Or maybe you prefer something a little more wolfish? Tell us which is your preference and why.

For one entry: Please leave a comment with the answer to the question.  (+1 entry)

For extra entries:

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B. Jane Lawson – Guest Post & Giveaway


Today we have the pleasure of having debut Paranormal Romance author, B. Jane Lawson here with us at SVR to celebrate the release of her book, To The Cliffside – A Morganna Cork Novel!  She’s written up a guest post about who she thinks are some of the best written supporting characters in paranormal romance today. That’s an interesting topic! I always see lots of conversations online about main characters, so it’s great to see someone showing some love to the ever important supporting characters too. There’s also a giveaway with details listed at the end of the guest blog. Let’s give B. Jane a warm welcome. 🙂


Supporting characters can add a comedic, or horrific element to a book.  They are the perfect tool to draw someone out of their frame and force an action they may have otherwise been incapable of completing.  They can make worlds created by an author seem all too real.  So I’ve decided to list my favorite supporting characters from paranormal romance / urban fantasy novels.  They are my favorite because of their ability to act as a lever in the plot line as well as their unique, inimitable presence in their respective novels.

 1. Dani O’Malley. The Fever Series. Dani is a dynamo; she’s powerful and seen way more than she should at her young age. That’s because the Fae have taken over most of the world and killed a third of the population.   She’s got super-speed and skill well beyond her years. She reminds me of the little girl that is inside of us no matter how old we get.   Dani endears herself to MacKayla and ***semi spoiler alert*** the perfect plot twist surrounding her is the only reasonable character who can make us question the existence of shades of grey. I was very excited to learn Karen Marie Moning’s next book will be based around Dani.

 2. Sam Merlotte. Dead Until Dark.  Sam is the boss and friend we wish we all had. I’ve always been rooting for him to end up with Sookie (novel Sam, not HBO Sam).  He’s sweet and friendly and Merlotte’s is the perfect southern setting.   Sam is as steady as a rock in a Bon Temps where magical mayhem rules the day.

 3. Sebastian Vioget. The Rest Falls Away, The Gardella Vampire Chronicles. Sebastian is your consummate s***-starter and I love it.  He’s seductive,
handsome and of questionable integrity.  Nothing draws out a male lead better than someone as threatening as a Sebastian and his antics with Victoria are sizzling.

 4. Bump. Unholy Ghosts, Downside Ghosts Series.  Bump is a pimp, a drug dealer and gang leader.  He’s also incredibly tacky.  He’s the only one who holds the leash to the almighty Terrible, the most unlikely, but, to date, the most captivating imperfect hero I’ve read about.  Bump is the perfect pressure point in the book – what he wants to happen, happens.  Or else.  So, while Terrible may be trying to avoid Chess, Bump is the only character with power to overule that desire.


 Thanks B. Jane! 😀

Giveaway Details:

B. Jane Lawson has been gracious enough to supply two digital copies of her book, To The Cliffside for a couple of my lucky readers! Contest is open to Everyone.  I believe that B. Jane will be popping by to respond to comments or questions as she’s able, so feel free to ask her questions as well.

Question: Who are some of your favorite supporting characters in paranormal romance or urban fantasy and why?

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Tori Reviews – Retribution

Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon

  • Hardcover:432 pages
  • Publisher:St. Martin’s Press; First Edition edition (Aug 2 2011)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0312546599
  • ISBN-13: 978-0312546595
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Description:

“Harm no human…
A hired gunslinger, William Jessup Brady lived his life with one foot in the grave. He believed that every life had a price. Until the day when he finally found a reason to live. In one single act of brutal betrayal, he lost everything, including his life. Brought back by a Greek goddess to be one of her Dark-Hunters, he gave his immortal soul for vengeance and swore he’d spend eternity protecting the humans he’d once considered prey.
Orphaned as a toddler, Abigail Yager was taken in by a family of vampires and raised on one belief—Dark-Hunters are the evil who prey on both their people and mankind, and they must all be destroyed. While protecting her adoptive race, she has spent her life eliminating the Dark-Hunters and training for the day when she meeting the man who killed her family: Jess Brady.
A gun in the hand is worth two in the holster…
Jess has been charged with finding and terminating the creature who’s assassinating Dark-Hunters. The last thing he expects to find is a human face behind the killings, but when that face bears a striking resemblance to the one who murdered him centuries ago, he knows something evil is going on. He also knows he’s not the one who killed her parents. But Abigail refuses to believe the truth and is determined to see him dead once and for all.
Brought together by an angry god and chased by ancient enemies out to kill them both, they must find a way to overcome their mutual hatred or watch as one of the darkest of powers rises and kills both the races they’ve sworn to protect.”
My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed listening to the audio version of Retribution.  It was very entertaining and funny at times.  The author did a wonderful job with all the characters in the book, as each of the characters had their own stories to tell .  They each had made mistakes in their human lives and they try to make up for what they did.
I really like Jess and  Abigail together and I loved the strong connection they had to each other.  They were both very strong characters who had been through a lot.  Despite their pasts and the fact  that Abigail wanted to kill Jess at first because she thought he killed her family, she later learns the truth and finds herself falling for him.  Jess is an amazing character.  Despite everything he went through, he had a wonderful sense of humor throughout the book. He was an amazing fighter and protected Abigail despite her killing one of the dark hunters.  We later find out there is a reason for their connection.
Sherrilyn is an amazing writer.  She has a way of bringing her characters and story to life.  I would recommend the Dark Hunter series and any of her books to anyone.  I can’t wait to read some more of her books!
Find out more about Sherrilyn Kenyon and her books at her website!
Buy Retribution at:
(My apologies for the bad formatting of this post. I attempted to put the “book description” in block quotes, and that didn’t work. No matter what I do, I can’t get the formatting to cooperate with me on this one. 😦 I figured it was better just to get it posted rather than not having anything to post.)

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Tori Reviews – The Paladin

 The Paladin by Ken Newman

  • Paperback:272 pages
  • Publisher:Sunbury Press, Inc. (May 2011)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1934597449
  • ISBN-13: 978-1934597446
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy

Book Description:

“Larry is an angel of the Lord… retired. To avoid final judgment and a rather warm room without a view he seeks to make amends by helping humanity against spiritual darkness. Unable to directly interfere, he must use a human to do his dirty work, or as he calls them… Paladins.

A lonely kindergarten teacher, Harriet Smith, dreaming of romance and an exciting life of high adventure, has no idea that she has been chosen… that is until she is kidnapped by a five-year old, and reborn as the sultry, Maggie Black.

 Maggie is about to find that the world is a far different place than she could have ever imagined as she faces shape shifting hit men, psychotic witches, and a four thousand-year old living weapon of mass destruction. Fortunately, Maggie isn’t alone, as Silas Cole, a deceased Paladin, comes to her aid, possessing the body of his murdered great-grandson. Maggie soon falls in love with the dashing Silas, but finds that to save humanity, she must sacrifice the man she loves.”

My Thoughts:

I didn’t know what to expect when I started to read The Paladin but to my surprise I really enjoyed reading the book.  The author had a lot of action, suspense and even some romance.  It was a very fast read for me and I really enjoyed the book.  I loved all the characters especially Maggie who goes from being a school teacher to a tough fighter.  It was as if she was meant to be in the role she was chosen for. I found her character very fascinating and found her to be a strong character who was truly alone until she met Silas Cole.

Maggie and Silas fall in love, but I felt that the author rushed their romance and some parts of the story a bit.  I thought that he could have slowed the story down some and even given more details in the book.  Overall though I really enjoyed the book and look forward to reading future books by this author.



Find out more about Ken Newman and his books at his website.

Buy The Paladin at:

Barnes & Noble


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Tori Reviews Bound By Blood

 Bound By Blood by P.A. Lupton

  • Paperback:360 pages
  • Publisher:Self Published (July 21, 2011)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0987749307
  • ISBN-13: 978-0987749307
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Description:

“FBI agent and psychic, Brianna Reece, descends from an ancient and powerful bloodline of witches, only she doesn’t know it. But now that legacy has come back to bite her—literally.

In the shadows of night in Denver Colorado, a serial killer is hunting women, and FBI agent Brianna Reece is hunting the killer. Unlike any case she’s worked before, Brianna can’t ignore the prickling at the back of her neck when she glimpses the resemblance she shares with the victims. The investigation begins to touch even closer to home when it is revealed that all of the victims were also psychic.

Complicating matters further, Brianna is captivated by the FBI’s prime suspect Nathan Donovan. Though she senses he is hiding something from her, the attraction she feels for him is compelling, and unlike anything she’s ever experienced. Through a chance twist of fate, Nathan learns of Brianna’s ancestry and is forced to divulge secrets to Brianna that will change her life forever.

When she learns that the killer is an evil vampire, and he’s now set his sights on her, Nathan alone holds the key to awakening her dormant powers. Now he must race to teach her how to control her emergent gifts before she becomes the next victim.”

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading Bound by Blood. I was drawn into the story from the very first page and the book held me throughout the entire tale. Brianna and Morrison are partners who are trying to solve a string of murders where the murderer is draining the victim’s blood and leaving no marks on the victim’s bodies. How are the victims connected? They follow-up on several leads which lead them to Nathan Donovan whose agency was hired to provide them with body guards for protection.

From the moment Brianna and Nathan meet, there is an undeniable connection between them. They feel an emotional pull and connection, but Brianna does not want to get involved with Nathan who is the top suspect in the murder investigation

Brianna later learns that Nathan is a vampire and was trying to protect the women who were murdered. The passion between Brianna and Nathan is amazing! The author has a way of making you feel their passion and bond with each other. It was almost like you were in the story with them. I enjoyed all the characters throughout the story. I felt their connection even Morrison who I did not like at first but who later turns out to be a great friend to Brianna and Nathan.

Morrison has his own horror story for joining the FBI which made me feel very sorry for him. The author has several paranormal creatures in the book such as vampires, witches, etc. The book keeps you guessing until the very end who the murderer is and why these women are being killed. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can’t wait to read more of the author’s books!


Find out more about P.A. Lupton and what she’s working on at her Website.

Buy a copy of Bound By Blood at:

Barnes & Noble


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Sidhe Reviews Bound By Night

Bound By Night by Amanda Ashley

  • Paperback:320 pages
  • Publisher:Zebra – Kensington (Aug 30 2011)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1420104454
  • ISBN-13: 978-1420104455
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Description:

“A Vampire’s Kiss Is Forever.  .  .

Once featured in a horror movie, the crumbling Wolfram estate is said to be haunted by ghosts, witches, and worse. But Elena doesn’t believe a word of it – until she spends the night and wakes up in the arms of a compelling stranger.  .  .

Tall, dark, and disturbingly handsome, Drake is the most beautiful man Elena has ever seen. For centuries, he has lived alone, and Elena is the first woman to enter his lair – and survive. And Drake is the first man to touch her heart and soul. By the time she discovers who he really is – and what he craves – it’s too late. Blood lust has turned to love, and Elena is deeply under Drake’s spell. But forever comes at a price for each of them.  .  .”

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed Elena and Drake’s story. Amanda Ashley writes a vampire romance that is reminiscent of the old school vampire romances and it’s great to be able to remember what made me fall in love with the genre to begin with! Elena is a little bit naive for a twenty year old in today’s day and age, but she was sweet, and Drake is a 500-year-old vampire with old world charm. I loved a lot of the elements that the author brought into play with the abilities of the vampires and in the world-building of the vampires coven. And does Amanda have to write so many sexy vampires? Seriously, I want one of those brothers for myself! *Grins*

The details of them living in Wolfram Castle were fun for me to read as I’ve always been fascinated by Castle’s and what it must have been like to live in one.  An interesting mix of the old with the new and a grand love story made for a good read. A truly heinous uncle, some big scary vamps and a collection of interesting secondary characters rounded out the story. I’m looking forward to reading Kaitlyn & Zachary’s story in Bound By Blood which will be out in October.


Find out more about Amanda Ashley and her books at her Website.

Buy Bound By Night at:

The Book Depository


Barnes & Noble

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Storm’s Heart – Spotlight & Review

Storm’s Heart by Thea Harrison

  • Paperback:336 pages
  • Publisher:Berkley; Original edition (August 2, 2011)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0425242668
  • ISBN-13: 978-0425242667
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Description:

“He’s a wyr warrior, a god of storms. She’s the heir to the Dark Fae throne. But desire will bring both to their knees in this all-new Novel of the Elder Races.

During the rule of her murderous Dark Fae uncle, Thistle “Tricks” Periwinkle found sanctuary among the wyr in New York. Her ethereal beauty and sparkling personality won the hearts of the public, but after her uncle’s death, there are those who don’t want to see her ascend to the throne…

Able to wield thunder and lightning, wyr sentinel Tiago Black Eagle has ruled the skies for centuries. His massive build and thunderous power make him one of the wyr’s best weapons. And he’s sent to protect Tricks when she’s almost assassinated in Chicago.

Soon, both Tiago and Tricks will fall prey to the stormy hunger that engulfs them—a passion that will shake the very foundation of all the worlds…”

My Thoughts:

First of all, I am now officially in love with Thea Harrison’s Elder Races Series! The first book, Dragon Bound, blew my mind and was AMAZING! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Storm’s Heart to read Tiago & Tricks’ story. I also wondered how would the author possibly top the great storytelling and writing that she accomplished in the first book. I was not disappointed! I fell in love with Tiago and Tricks just as fast as I did with Dragos & Pia in the first book. Now I’m dying to get my hands on the next two books in the series, Serpent’s Kiss and Oracle’s Moon!! 😀

Back to this book now.  Tricks, aka Niniane was introduced towards the end of the first book and she’s a little Dark Fae who’s a spitfire with a great sense of humor. Tiago is your ultra alpha male who’s more action than talk and sexier than all get out. Thea had me at the reference to Tiago resembling Dwayne Johnson – The Rock. Umm… Hello! He’s HOT. 😛 And can I just say that I damn near popped a gut laughing at the “Bubblegum flavored vodka” scene, lol. Priceless!

Niniane faces a whole new life in going back to her roots with trepidation and Tiago comes along to protect her. The journey of both overcoming several obstacles both physically and emotionally for both characters is a whirlwind tale full of mystery, intrigue, danger, sexy times, scary times, and two great characters falling in love. When a book picks me up and carries me off with a story about characters that I care about, when it’s written so well that I can visualize each scene with ease, when it makes me laugh, cringe, empathise and cheer for the characters…that’s a WIN in my opinion. This book did that in spades!



Find out More about Thea Harrison and her books at her Website.

Buy Storm’s Heart at:

The Book Depository


Barnes & Noble

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Die For Me – Spotlight & Review

  Die For Me by Amy Plum

  • Hardcover:352 pages
  • Publisher:Tween (Tw) (May 2 2011)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0062004018
  • ISBN-13: 978-0062004017
  • Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

Back Cover Blurb:

“My life had always been blissfully, wonderfully normal. But it only took one
moment to change everything.

Suddenly, my sister, Georgia, and I were orphans. We put our lives into
storage and moved to Paris to live with my grandparents. And I knew my shattered
heart, my shattered life, would never feel normal again. Then I met Vincent.

Mysterious, sexy, and unnervingly charming, Vincent Delacroix appeared out of
nowhere and swept me off my feet. Just like that, I was in danger of losing my
heart all over again. But I was ready to let it happen.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy. Because Vincent is no normal human. He
has a terrifying destiny, one that puts his life at risk every day. He also has
enemies . . . immortal, murderous enemies who are determined to destroy him and
all of his kind.

While I’m fighting to piece together the remnants of my life, can I risk
putting my heart—as well as my life and my family’s—in jeopardy for a chance at

My Thoughts:

First of all, can I just take a moment to drool about the cover? Seriously, I am having a severe case of “cover love” here, like I haven’t had since Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade cover. WoW! It’s just stunning and I can’t look at it enough. I need a poster of this cover on my wall. And if the amazing cover wasn’t enough to draw my attention, the story itself was just as unique and wonderfully written! 😀

I know that at first, the plot sounds a bit familiar what with the parents dying tragically, the girls going to live with relatives in an exotic location and the main character falling for a supernatural male protagonist. Well let me tell you, those small details are where the similarities end! This story drew me in, carried me along for the ride and spit me out, leaving me in love with Paris and with Vincent right along with Kate! I felt like I was there in Paris right alongside the characters and I was caught up in the telling of their tale.

Amy Plum’s very unique take on Revenants is awesome! I loved the picture she painted and the places she took me with her words. Kate and Vincent’s journey, both physically and emotionally was fraught with excitement, danger, falling in love, heartbreak and heart stopping moments. I am really struggling here to write a review without spoilers because I’m just so excited about this book, but I think that you’re all getting that from me right?

I’m just going to finish with my opinion that Amy Plum hit a grand slam with Die For Me and that I’m crossing my fingers that there will be more books to come that are based in this world she’s created with these great characters! Go Buy it Now, you won’t regret it.


Check out Amy Plum’s Website

Buy Die For Me at:

The Book Depository


Barnes & Noble


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Tori Reviews – Sinful

   Sinful by Sara Dailey & Staci Weber

  • Paperback:232 pages
  • Publisher:Mundania Press LLC (November 2010)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1594262535
  • ISBN-13: 978-1594262531
  • Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance

Back Cover Blurb:

“After the death of her mother, seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Carrington is starting over. In a new city, at a new school, and with a dad she hardly knows, and it isn’t going to be easy. Trying desperately to find her way and cope with her unceasing grief, she finds herself surrounded by a force so compelling, so comforting, so captivating that she can’t deny its presence and soon fears that if it were to leave her, she might lose her very self.  But is it all really happening or has her wavering sanity finally found its breaking point?

Michael’s role in this world has been the same for centuries, but now something is different.  He is inexplicably drawn to an intriguing stranger so alluring that he can’t force himself to resist her.  Is he willing to risk everything to be with her, even falling?

A dark force, hell-bent on destroying any chance of happiness for his arch nemesis Michael, is lurking in League City, TX, and there is no limit to his need for vengeance.  How far will he go to seek revenge for his sworn enemy’s betrayal?

Caught in a clash of good versus evil, Elizabeth soon finds herself in the crosshairs of a battle that has been brewing since long before she was even born.”

My Thoughts:

Sinful is a young adult novel that I really enjoyed. Sara and Staci made the characters come to life and their emotions felt real to me. I could really feel the loss that Elizabeth experienced in losing her mother. I could also sense how close she was to her mother and what that loss meant to her. I also understood how hard it was for her to move away with a father she barely knew, from the life she always knew, while trying to cope with her grief for her mother. It helped her having this strong and comforting presence around.  Without it, I think she might have lost her mind.

Then one day Michael appears in the library to Elizabeth and she instantly feels like she knows him and thinks he is very handsome.  When she finally decides to walk up to him and talk to him, he is gone!?  He then appears again in a park while she is running, and then they finally talk.

Elizabeth eventually learns who he is.  Michael is an angel who was there the night her mother died and she finds out that he is the comforting presence she has felt ever since her mother passed on.  The bond deepens even more between Michael and Elizabeth and they realize how much they love each other.   They spend as much time together as they can and are always thinking of each other.  Michael and Elizabeth want more and more time together.  They want to be seen in public but it’s not possible since he is an angel.

A dark force appears that causes trouble for the couple.  How far will Michael’s nemesis go to destroy Michael and Elizabeth’s happiness?  Will Michael give up everything to be with Elizabeth forever?

I really enjoyed this book.  I loved the romance between Michael and Elizabeth. I can’t wait to read future books by Sarah Dailey and Staci Weber.


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