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Sunday Soundoff

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I went to the Kelley Armstrong talk and signing yesterday! For details and photos, go to my LiveJournal. 

My move over to WordPress is coming along slowly but surely.  As I mentioned, I’m starting with my oldest posts, so if you’re somewhat new to reading my blog here, head over to word press and you can read some of my earlier reviews/posts.

My friend Amberkatze in Vienna, just had some of her reviews published in UK’s Bite Me Magazine. Congrats Amber!! Go and grab yourself a copy if you can.

Books I got this week include: Haunted by Kelley Armstrong, Succubus In The City by Nina Harper, Shield Of The Sky by Susan Krinard, Master Of Swords by Angela Knight, A Taste Of Crimson by Marjorie M Liu, Vampires Are Forever by Lynsay Sands, Portrait Of A Man by Tracy Fobes, and My Immortal Protector by Jen Holling. Woot, what a good haul.

I’m pretty disappointed with the cancellation of Moonlight. Why do they always have to cancel the good shows and keep playing the super-tacky reality programs? I will admit to watching American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and Wife-Swap, but the rest… no thanks. I’ve never made it through an episode of Survivor or The Bachelor. I have no desire to watch any of these model competitions, cooking/chef competitions, people losing weight, addict interventions, etc, etc, etc. I won’t get started on some of the tv shows that have been on the air for years that I’ve never watched, and don’t know anybody who watches them either!? But these shows, they keep? Maybe the top dogs at the networks need some new blood, because whoever is in there now is NOT catering to “the people”, that’s for sure. That’s my rant of the week. What do you all think of show cancellations and the crud reality shows?

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Posted by Jackie:

That’s awesome that Kelley Armstrong was so nice. I’m going to go see LK Hamilton in a couple of weeks and I only hope it goes as well.

I kinda like the Top Chef reality show on Bravo, but I like to cook, so maybe that has something to do with it. I never got into American Idol, but I loved the first season of So You Think You Can Dance. I’ll have to check it out now that Grey’s Anatomy is off for the season.

Monday, May 19th 2008 @ 3:48 AM

Posted by Judi:

Ooohhh, I wish I could go to a LKH signing. She’s never come up to my “neck of the woods” so to speak. 😦
The 2 hour season finale of Grey’s is airing this Thurs for me, so I’ll hopefully be getting more reading in when there’s nothing but reality shows on all summer, lol.
Monday, May 19th 2008 @ 3:25 PM


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