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RT 2010 – The After Show

WARNING – This post is a way off topic rant for my blog.

ETI: WARNING: This post may contain subject matter that may be offensive to some and inappropriate for people under 18 years of age.

Wow! I read Wicked Lil Pixie’s post today along with the comments. Then I followed the link to Dear Author’s relevant post & comments and finally ended up at Antonio’s Blog.

Can I just say that I am truly disappointed in the human race today. People go to the RT Convention, at least for the most part, I’m thinking, to get to meet & greet some of their favorite authors, attend some interesting workshops & panels, and socialize with others who share some of our same interests, which would be reading. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend, but in looking for blog write-up’s about how it was, I found Jackie at Literary Escapism’s blog which was informative and positive and then I find all the  rest.

I feel terrible for all the Mr. Romantic Times contestants, models, strippers, etc. Whether or not these men are paid to be there to entertain in whatever  capacity they are, there is no excuse to treat any of them like a piece of meat! Sure, maybe there are 1 or 2 in every bunch who’s actions may invite it, but again, do not judge them all by that one or two individuals actions. One or two commentors had it right when they said that if the roles were reversed and we had heard about a large group of men treating a woman that way, well… then we would all be outraged and something would have been done about it.

I probably shouldn’t be writing this post right now because I am fuming just thinking about it. So freakin what if last years pageant winner teared up at the end? Is he not human? Because last I checked, men have emotions to, and yet people want to make fun of him for it? Sad. So freakin what if some of the men are short? There are short, tall, fat, young, old, skinny women too. Do you see those men blogging about all the disgusting drunk fat women who grope them like meat? NO. I spent over 20 years working in bars and have seen my share of Ladies Nights with male dancers. Let me tell you, there is NOTHING lady-like about the women who go to see male dancers! More like a pack of ravening wolves. Many times I was embarrassed to even be a female after witnessing this behaviour. I have also seen my share of bars full of men who are there to see female dancers and no way in hell would that kind of behavior be tolerated towards the female dancers. Talk about double standards!

Then I see people dumping on this guy Antonio for trying to explain his side of the story. It just really pisses me off that just because he’s 1) a man and 2) a dancer/stripper that he gets disrespected or even worse made to feel like he’s less of a person because of his job. I’ve known a lot of strippers over the years and the majority of them are just trying to make a buck. Trying to put themselves through school, trying to pay off loans, trying to support their children, trying to get by in an economy that sucks. For whatever reason they are doing this job, they get lumped into a lower class citizen category and even worse, they are treated as such. They are treated as unintelligent, as egotistical, as unfeeling hunks of “beef” and as promiscuous. Why is that? It boils down to jealousy as far as I can tell and jealousy makes people behave despicably. I have witnessed this time and time again and it’s just sad. It goes both ways. Gorgeous men and women get treated as less than human even though most people think that they get special treatment, or have it easy in life. They have no idea how wrong they are.

On behalf of mature, intelligent, thoughtful, observant and non-judgmental people, I am disappointed in the human race today and I hope that these guys know people like myself who will support them and help them get over what a bunch of small-minded, jealous, ignorant people put them through.

Edited To Include:

I’m not bashing any blogs out there or in any way implying that the RT Convention isn’t a great event. It’s my dream vacation, to be honest. My rant is against anyone who felt the need to imply that these guys in some way deserve to be treated like “meat”.

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