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Robert Sadler – Winner

Oi, sorry for being late with posting the winner. I know that I hate it when people are really late in posting winners and here I’ve gone and done the same thing. Some really sad news in the Urban Fantasy community set me back and I will be discussing it in another post shortly.

On to the winner. Victoria Z. with the email beginning with “Tore923…” Congratulations!! Please contact me at sidhevicious(at)shaw(dot)ca so we can get Secrets Of Blood & Bone sent out to you.

To everyone who entered, I thank you. 🙂 I have another contest going on right now as well as a few more coming up shortly.

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Robert S. Sadler – Guest Blog & Giveaway

Today I have Urban Fantasy author, Robert S. Sadler, joining us at SVR to celebrate the release of his novel, Secrets Of Blood & Bone, the first in The Q Trilogy! He’s taking over, guest blogging with a giveaway, so be sure to read all the way through to the end and lets give him a warm welcome. 🙂


So let me start off by thanking Judi for being an absolutely awesome person and fabulous reviewer. I don’t just say this because she liked my book, breaking into the literary world is extremely difficult and Sidhe Vicious Reviews is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise very cynical industry. So again, thank you!

As silly as it may sound I wrote Secrets of Blood & Bone for people who don’t really like to read. I tried to keep it simple yet exciting, constantly moving but always going somewhere. I wanted to give it a sense of intrigue without being impossible to figure out, and most importantly I wanted to write within the genre without copying someone else’s world. An action packed thrill ride full of original characters with real problems and emotions. Mix all that up with a heaping spoon full of violence and a healthy serving of sex and you have the exact recipe for the kind of book I always wanted to read.

While I have incorporated many of the creatures we have all grown to love reading about over the years, I have put my own twist on many of their origins. Vampires and shape shifters of all kinds were originally created out of hatred and jealousy as part of a master race by the Dark God Brhamoren. Humans and Ogres were both created out of love and necessity by the most caring of all the old Gods, Odgerrin. The Fey and all of Faerie where a product of petty vanity by the beautiful Lamenell, and the mountain giants known as the Jätti were a Matriarchal tribe of warriors created by one so old none know their true origins.

Alongside our usual favorites, completely new characters also grace the pages of my trilogy. The brilliant Tonttu, who manage the finances of the Vanha Rotu, mostly resemble sarcastic Keebler elves with a Napoleon complex. Skritek are the very distant relatives to the Tonttu, but where the Tonttu got the brains, the Skritek got the brawn. Try to imagine furless, reptilian Ewoks in heavy armor with sharks teeth and bad dispositions. They act as the foot soldiers to the Valdosa Skira and supply endless comic relief when they aren’t causing mayhem and destruction. Finally we have the Mazāk Tiem; “The lesser ones” are made up of any supernatural creature that doesn’t possess the appropriate lineage to find itself counted amongst the ranks of the nobility or the warrior clans. While the Valdosa Skira gives these misfits of nature the chance to attain wealth, power, and position through combat, the Vanha Rotu has relegated them to a life of servitude and slavery. Most Mazak Tiem are the product of either cross species breeding or human rape by a supernatural. Until the two societies started recruiting unaffiliated Mazak Tiem, most had no clue of their heritage and often hid out in remote locations where they could avoid civilization. Ever wonder about the snake boy, or the dog faced kid at the circus? Are they Mazak Tiem perhaps?

This is just a taste of the world that I have created. A place where monsters can be heroes and saviors can be villains, where life and death, right and wrong are so intertwined that it’s hard to tell them apart. A place where love can blossom over night and vendettas can last for millennia. This is the world that I love to write about and I sincerely hope you grow to love it as well.


Thank you Rob! Definitely an interesting introduction to the captivating world you’ve created. I know that I’m looking forward to book 2, Revelations Out Of Darkness.

Secrets of Blood & Bone Cover

Giveaway Details:

Robert S. Sadler has been gracious enough to supply an autographed copy of Secrets Of Blood & Bone, book one in The Q Trilogy to giveaway to one of my readers! Contest is open to Everyone.

Ask Robert a question about the book, about writing, or about the paranormal elements he discusses in his guest post! Robert will be popping in to respond to questions and comments.

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Secrets Of Blood & Bone – Spotlight & Review

Secrets Of Blood & Bone by Robert S. Sadler

  • Paperback: 280 pages
  • Publisher: Createspace (May 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1452850267
  • ISBN-13: 978-1452850269
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy
  • Book Description:

    What if one night you discovered you were a rare breed of warrior meant to be the champion of all mankind? That you were caught in the middle of an age old war between supernatural forces and had no choice but to fight or die? And that the beautiful predator staring at you from across the room was just dying to have sex with you, or maybe eat you depending on her mood?

    One night while working in a dangerous inner city emergency room, Q’s security guard duties take him into the parking lot where he attempts to diffuse a gang war in the making. Riding on the heels of the bullet-riddled gang-bangers come a squad of mercenary soldiers accompanied by a pair of supernatural monsters who leave nothing but death and destruction in their wake. As Q’s new life unfolds before him, he finds himself fighting for his life with a hell-hound, dining with an immortal shape shifter, bantering with a genius gnome, and having sex with a beautiful were-tiger all before the first night comes to a close. During his journey, Q must discover if his father is indeed a serial rapist and who was responsible for his real mother’s death while fighting for his life and his sanity in a world where sex and violence are everyday facets of normal existence.

    The world of the Skira and the Rotu lends a new twist to the typical vampire vs. werewolf genre. Here vampires, shifters, trolls, and others work together or rip each other apart based on their belief systems not their species. Creatures that seldom see the limelight play major roles in this book, Ogres for instance are discovered to be noble warriors created for a purpose, not the blood thirsty baby eaters most believe. New creatures such as the small but vicious Skritek act as stead fast friends and comedy relief, while mysterious characters such as the powerful Lord Obsidian appear to be hero’s one moment and villains the next. Good and evil, friend or foe is not so clearly delineated in this world. Q, being a complex character, is full of very real human inadequacies but is forced to leave the tedium of his old life behind, in a world where he never quite belonged. Q fully embraces a new life full of sex, blood, violence and love on his way to an epic climax and a discovery that will shake not only his world but that of the entire supernatural community!”

    My Thoughts:

    I had a hard time putting this one down once I started reading it! Think Bruce Willis action movie mixed with some majorly cool paranormal elements. I also think that both men and women will love this book. Thankfully, it’s the first book in the Trilogy Of Q, so there’s a lot more awesome kick-a$$ery to come! 

    Q’s a complex and really interesting character with a strong voice and he’s dark, dangerous & sexy too. 😀 Complex plotting and sub-plotting along with an original take on several supernatural beings along with a wickedly fun story had me relishing each and every page. The book description is really detailed, so other than suggesting that EVERYONE should give this book a read, I don’t know what else to say other than I loved it and can’t wait for the next one!

    Robert’s hard at work on the next book, Revelations Out Of Darkness, due out later this year.


    Buy Secrets Of Blood And Bone at:, AmazonKindle version or at Createspace.

    Find out more about Robert S. Sadler and what he’s working on at his website.


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