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SVR Wants To Know

First of all, I hope everyone down in the USA is having a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!! I’m guessing you’re all in a turkey/stuffed yourself coma or out braving the insanity that is Black Friday, lol. The Black Friday sales are even spreading up here to Canada today and I’m still debating about making my way out to see what’s to be had for great sales.

I went and saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 yesterday with my best friend and it was AWESOME! I was impressed with the way that they handled the story-line and with the special effects. I even had tears in my eyes  a few times during the wedding, lol. I can’t believe that they’re making us wait till next November for the last movie when they’re already done filming it. That’s just cruel. They should release it in the summer! Pffft… So who all has seen the movie? Care to discuss it in the comments? What did you think? Favorite parts? Cheesy Parts?

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I’ll give fair warning and say SPOILER ALERT in the comments of this post!

I have a question for you all. I’m finding as I get older or have read that many more books in my life, that I am losing interest in books that aren’t written in first person. I just can not seem to get into a book written in third person point of view anymore!? All the “she said” and then “he said” and then “she did…” and “he responded…” Gah! It’s tedious for me now and I have a harder time relating to or caring about the characters when it’s written in third person POV. Does anyone else feel the same way or am I just an eccentric, picky reader? SVR wants to know!

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Sound Off Saturday

Happy Labor Day long weekend! I know that most of you are all probably off doing something fun and exciting for the last long weekend of summer. I know that I wish I was. So, for those of us stuck at home or work, this post is for you! 🙂

This last week I was stuck at home with an extremely painful abscessed tooth, so I got a lot of reading in. I devoured Adrian Phoenix’s – Black Heart Loa, which is the second book in her Hoodoo Series. Look for my review this upcoming week. I also read Kait Nolan’s – Red, an awesome young adult paranormal that I’ll be featuring next week on the blog. And I polished the week off with Jeaniene Frost’s – One Grave At A Time, the sixth book in her Night Huntress Series. Yes, I visited a Bayou in Louisiana, the Appalachian Mountains and went on another thrilling adventure with Cat & Bones! I am a professional armchair traveller/thrill – seeker, lol.

It’s finally September. The month that all the kids go back to school, (thank God!), and the month that all the awesome fall season TV shows start up again. Am I a little bit too excited about this? Yes, yes I am, ha ha. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Hello! My name is Judi and I am a TV addict”. 😀 I can’t wait for The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Sanctuary, Fringe, Hawaii 5.0, Castle, Bones, both NCIS’s and a slew of others to come back. I’m excited about a few new ones, The Secret Circle, The Ringer, Grimm, The Sing Off, and Terra Nova. I’m still mourning the loss of Smallville and Stargate Universe. I told ya I was hooked on lots of shows, lol.

Talk to me people, what awesome books did you read this week? Did you go and see a wicked movie? Eat an amazing dinner? See friends or family that you haven’t seen in a long time? Go somewhere or do something interesting? Work on writing a novel? Throw a computer at the wall or out a window? Get stuck driving behind a complete moron who has no business behind the wheel of a vehicle like I seem to have happen to me several times weekly? Have an annoying or condescending person wreck your day?  How was your week? What did you think of that movie you saw or book you read? Are you excited about any books, TV shows or movies that are coming up soon? Are you going on a trip somewhere exotic?  Do you need to vent about something really frustrating? Go for it, I want to know.

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